Ericsson RMD 973 series

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Ericsson RMD 973 series
Manufacturer Ericsson
Patents SE 453027 (1983)

Ericsson RMD 973 (formerly known as the "ICL switch") is a series of keyboard switches produced by Ericsson. These switches are comparatively rare and very little is known about them. The base of the switch contains the Ericsson logo and "RMD 973".[1] Since several switch types have "RMD 973" written in the mould, it seems fair to assume that this is the series name; the mould is more likely to contain the series name than part numbers.

These switches are found in keyboards made by ICL, Ericsson[2], Nokia Data[3], Bundespost Telekom[4] and Philips[1].


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