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GMK electronic design GmbH
Founded 1992
Founder(s) Manfred Güntner, Jürgen Meinhardt, and Wolfgang Kredler
Headquarters Wernberg-Köblitz, Germany

GMK electronic design is a German industrial equipment manufacturer specialising in keyboards and custom peripherals. The name GMK is an acronym for the family names of the three original founders of the company: Güntner, Meinhardt, and Kredler. Manfred Güntner and Wolfgang Kredler are Managing Directors of the company to this day, while Mr. Meinhardt is no longer affiliated with the company.

GMK is notable for having acquired Cherry's double-shot molding tooling; they are therefore able to resume producing Cherry double-shot keycaps, from where Cherry left off in 2011.


GMK is the parent company of the UNIQEY keyboard brand.

Products include the UNIQUEY Q100 keyboard, and the QMX-Clip silencing clips. UNIQEY ships only to German-speaking countries, USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Belgium and Luxembourg.