Goldtouch GTC-0033

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Goldtouch GTC-0033 (white)
Goldtouch GTC-0077 (black)
Part number GTC-0033 (white) / GTC-0077 (black)
Branding Goldtouch
Features Integrated 2-port USB hub
Layouts Numpad with double zero + 4 control keys (22 keys)
Keyswitches Cherry MX Brown
Switch mount Plate mount
Interface USB

The Goldtouch GTC-0033 is a numeric keypad that utilizes Cherry MX Brown switches. Goldtouch also makes the GTC-0077, a similar numeric keypad in black,[1] as well as two Macintosh variants. The Macintosh variants are distinguished by their font, which is similar to the font used by Apple on many of its keyboards.

The two 2u keys, the + and Enter, are stabilised with PCB mounted stabilisers. All keys use relatively thin ABS pad-printed keycaps with the same profile in all rows.


The layout of the numeric keypad is mostly similar to other numeric keypads, both separate and integrated with full size keyboards. There are a further four 1u keys across the top, which act as Escape, Tab, Backspace and Shift/Fn. When the Shift/Fn key is pressed, there are currency and mathematical symbols available that would not normally be found on a standard numeric keypad.


The PCB used in the GTC-0077

There is a single PCB housed in the case. A plate is mounted to the PCB to support the key switches. The USB cable to the PC is connected by a 5-pin connector to a header on the board (JP1). A USB A female socket is mounted at the top of the board on both the left (UJ1) and the right (UJ2). There is a green LED (DS Num), with a support underneath presumably to support the long legs, to signify the status of num lock.

The main controller on the board (U2) is a Cypress Semiconductor IC. The model number printed on the top reads CY7C63413C-PVXC which indicates this to be a controller that was specifically designed for low-speed high-I/O applications such as keyboards[2]. Unfortunately, this controller is one-time programmable and so it would not be possible to reprogram it. This IC is also a surface mount component which would make it difficult to replace with a differently programmed IC.

A second IC on the board (U1) is a USB 2.0 hub controller[3]. The model number on the top of the IC reads AU6254 and bears the logo of Alcor Micro.