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KBT Race front 2.jpeg
Branding KBT
Manufacturer Vortex
Product family 75%
Features Detachable cable, pulsating or 5-level backlighting, DIP switches
Layouts 82-key 75% ANSI
Keyswitches Cherry MX switches
Switch mount PCB
Keycaps - Translucent + opaque coated ABS or
Interface USB with 6KRO
Dimensions 312 x 122 x 42 mm /
12.2 x 4.8 x 1.6 inches
Weight ~ 500 g / 1.1 lbs
Precedes KBT Race II
Price ~ $100-120


The KBT RACE is an out-of-production 75% PCB mounted keyboard manufactured by Vortex for KBT.


KBT RACE was manufactured with the blue, red, black, or brown Cherry MX switches that were PCB mounted. The keyboard was marketed either in its backlit form (most often) with ABS keycaps or less often in the non-backlit form with PBT keycaps. There was aslo a small number of RACE "LE" (limited edition) keyboards that offered some more colors and/or additional Cherry MX switches. Although the keyboard is not being manufactured any longer, it can still be found in some online stores, but it may be much easier to find its successor (also discontinued) KBT RACE II (sometimes spelled as KBT RACE 2).

Design and features

  • LED Backlit:
    • Choice of the backlight colors: white, purple, green, and blue
    • 'WASD' mode with WASD, Esc, and Arrow Keys illuminated
    • Full keyboard illumination
    • Full keyboard with pulsating illumination
    • DIP switch
    • Programmable keyboard
    • Detachable USB cable
    • Translucent and opaque coated ABS keycaps
  • Non-backlit:
    • PBT keycaps
    • DIP switch
    • Programmable keyboard
    • Detachable USB cable

What's in the box

  • Forum Purchase, first owner (Note: may not represent actual box contents – in fact, many retail sales did not include any extras except for the USB cable)
    • Keyboard
    • Extra Keys
      • Squirrel key to replace Windows Key
      • Acorn key to replace FN Key
    • Mini B USB to Standard A USB Cable
    • Product Specifications Sheet


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