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Kinesis Freestyle
Manufacturer Kinesis Corporation
Layouts ANSI 75% + Fun cluster
Keyswitches Freestyle, Freestyle2: Rubber dome
Freestyle Edge: Cherry MX

The Kinesis Freestyle line are lightweight rubber dome keyboards, truly split into two separate parts. The layout is conventional but with a two-column fun cluster on the left-hand side.

Kinesis current model range is the Freestyle2.

There is a myriad of accessories for mounting the two halves in different ways. One of these, the Ascent can be used to create a vertical keyboard.






  • Freestyle
  • Freestyle2 VIP3
  • Freestyle2 V3
  • Freestyle2 Ascent

Freestyle Edge

Changed to have Cherry MX switches.

The first model was introduced in a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Estimated delivery was July 2017. Early Bird offers were available only for backers in the USA. It had only blue backlighting

Freestyle Pro

With Cherry MX Brown and no backlighting.

Freestyle Pro Quiet

With Cherry MX Silent Red switches and no backlighting.

Freestyle Edge RGB

Gaming keyboard with full-colour backlighting. Introduced in 2019.

The wrist rests have been changed from adhesive foam pads to pads attached with velcro, that are detachable and easier to clean.

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