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Matias switch
Matias switch infobox.jpg
Manufacturer Matias Corporation
Product code PG155B01 (tactile)
PG155B02 (clicky)
Switch type Clicky; tactile
Sense method Metal leaf
Keycap mount Alps mount
Switch mount Plate mount

The Matias switch is a clone of the Alps CM switch, manufactured by Matias Corporation primarily for its own keyboards. Matias corp. plans to also sell its switches to other companies, and also to keyboard enthusiasts.[1] Price is planned to be $100 (USD or CAD?) for a box of 800 switches (12.5¢ per switch).[2][3]

Matias Quiet Switches are used in the new Matias Quiet Pro. Matias Click Switches are used in the Matias Tactile Pro to replace the Fuhua Alps ("Fukka") switches that were discontinued in early 2012. A Matias Corp. representative claims also that they have eliminated the ping ("chorus of springs") which used to plague the Fukka switches.[4]


Matias switches are based heavily on the simplified Alps design. The shell is completely transparent, allowing for LEDs to be mounted directly underneath the switch.[5] Alps-type switches with tactile and click leaves do not have room for an integrated LED, and having the switch lit from below is Matias's alternative to using linear switches with integrated LEDs for lock keys. Lock keys are thus able to have the same sound and keyfeel as the other keys on the keyboard.


Matias Click switch

Matias' Click switch (part no PG155B02) is a clone of the clicky "white" Alps CM. It was intended as a direct replacement of the white "Fukka" (Fuhua) switch.

Like the white Alps and the Fuhua Alps, there are no rubber dampers and the tactile leaf is held loosely to allow it to click.

Matias Quiet switch

Matias' Quiet switch (part no PG155B01) is a clone of the tactile "Cream" Alps CM.

The slider has two rubber bumpers that cushions both the down-stroke and the up-stroke. The bumpers dampen the "clack" noise on bottoming out, as well as noise when a key is released, thus making keyboards with this switch more silent. Unlike the Cream Alps, the rubber bumpers are white.[6]

Matias first intended to make the switch with an orange-coloured slider, but had to change colour to white because the pigment used in test batches interfered with the plastic's properties.[3]


Tactile Pro 2 switches

The Tactile Pro 2 used a different kind of switch, supposedly from Strong Man (Matias were unable to confirm this, and Strong Man have long since closed down). Matias referred to these switches as "Matias switches", to provide a more professional name than "Strong Man switches".


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