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SKB-5150C front view.jpg
Manufacturer unknown
Layouts F AT

ProWorld Cherry MX clone

Key World Cherry MX clone
Keycaps Double-shot moulding
Weight 1755 g


The SKB-5150C was sold for 159 Deutsche Mark as a professional keyboard for data entry with the following features also mentioned on the box in these exact words including wrong spelling (see keyboard box):

  • PC-R, Layout 84 key
  • PC-R, A, X, Switchable
  • Hight - Reliability Mechanical Keyswitch
  • Large RETURN and SHIFT key top for easy to operate
  • Low Profile Design for DIN. Meet FCC standard
  • Multi-Language Version: French, German, Spanish, Denish. Italian...

The keyboard has a metal backplate with PCB mounted ProWorld Cherry MX clone or Key World Cherry MX cloneswitches.

Like other similarly-named keyboards, 5150 likely derives from the model number of the original IBM Personal Computer (IBM model 5150).

The layout is F AT, but it lacks the stepped keycaps on some versions of the keyboard, although stepped Alt and Caps Lock (but not Control) are depicted on the box.


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