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GMK SkiData keyboard
SkiData 003.jpg
Manufacturer Cherry
Features 160 keys, optional trackball, programmable
Layouts Cherry 1800 plus extra function keys
Keyswitches Cherry MX
Keycaps Double shot, pad printed,
Interface PS/2; RS323
Rollover NKRO
Years of production ca. 1995–2000

The SkiData keyboard PCBs are manufactured by GMK, Germany, for the Austrian software firm SkiData. The shells were designed by KID (Kiska Industrial Design) and made by an Austrian manufacturer.

Keycaps in the lower half of the keyboard are double shots and pad-printed from Cherry. The following keys are pad-printed: function keys (front-printing), Break (Pause), Num-Lock, Caps-Lock. All the keys on the upper half are relegendable.


  • DE, NO, Italian and US layout with or without trackball.
  • All known variants come with MX Clears and n-key rollover.

No other keyboards with this case have been discovered yet.

Some of the keyboards with German layout have a swapped y and z key, leading to keycaps with wrong shape in the respective rows. When mounted correctly the resulting layout is German with 'qwerty' on row 2.


At least the function keys are programmable by using a proprietary software.

The main keyfield, F-row, and the trackball work without modifications.

 The top-left button on the trackball works as a middle click for scrolling. 
 The top-right and bottom-right are left-click and right-click respectively. 
 The bottom-left button toggles the led on the trackball, and changes the left-click and right-click into toggle switches.


German layout with trackball.
Norwegian layout without trackball.

How to disassemble

Turn it upside down. Make sure it is on a smooth surface, so nothing gets scratched!

Undo all screws, turn it up again and lift up the cover.

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