Tai-Hao TH-5150

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Tai-Hao TH-5150
Tai Hao TH-5150-CAT front.jpg
Manufacturer Tai-Hao
Layouts F AT
Keyswitches USw LMBW02 (most keys)
USw LMWW01 (space)
Keycaps Tai-Hao TH series (double-shot moulding, silkscreen printing)

Tai-Hao TH-5150 is one of Tai-Hao's oldest keyboards.


The case of TH-5150 resembles that of SKB-5150C but there are some subtle differences between the two: TH-5150 lacks an XT/AT switch and the LED panel has Scroll Lock and Power On rather than just Power On for the TH-5150.

The keycaps are similar to the ones on the Chicony KB-5170.[Citation needed] The standard ANSI keys are double-shot moulded, and the region-specific keycaps are pad-printed. These Cherry-style Tai-Hao TH series keycaps were also manufactured by Tai-Hao, and are reported to be Tai-Hao profile instead of Cherry profile.[1] The layout is F AT, but it lacks the stepped keycaps.

According to Tai-Hao, the switches were sourced from a long-defunct Japanese manufacturer whose name may be "Katano". TH-5150 is their only keyboard to use these switches.[1] The space bar features an all white version of the switch with heavier weighting.

Like other similarly-named keyboards, 5150 likely derives from the model number of the original IBM Personal Computer (IBM model 5150).


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