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The following series names (as part number prefixes) and switch parts are of interest should they appear for sale. Note that most of these appear on stockist websites but that the stock levels on virtually all such sites in all countries are to some extent false, and many of these parts are taken from such sites and were found to not be sold. The switches below are either undocumented (but possibly observed) or are a mystery.



Cherry MX interesting parts:

  • MX1A-1GAP (confirmed by Cherry)
  • MX1A-1GBR (confirmed by Cherry)
  • MX1A-1GCX (confirmed by Cherry)
  • MX1A-1GFD
  • MX1A-1GCL
  • MX1A-1GER
  • MX1A-1GFD
  • MX1A-1GRE

Other series:


Clare-Pendar and CP Clare parts. The formatting of these varies, e.g. "S840-10K2" or "S84010 K2"

Series S820

Clare-Pendar Series S820 is a tall reed switch. Part numbers begin S820.

Listed examples:

  • S820-10 (NSN 5930-00-175-7423, 5930-01-012-6279)
  • S82010B5C8 (NSN 5930-01-025-9223)
  • S82010C8 (NSN 5930-01-012-6279)
  • S82010C8E8 (NSN 5930-01-038-4320; E8 is longer terminal length)
  • S82010J7 (NSN 5930-01-025-9223; J7 is illuminated)

Mod C8 is listed as "(spare)" and mod B5 is listed as "Not to be used".

Series S840

Clare-Pendar Series S840 is a medium height metal contact switch. Part numbers begin S840 (momentary) and in theory S841 (alternate action) and S842 (alternate action, latching).

Known examples

Seen for sale:

  • S840-10 (NSN 5930-00-603-7158, may in fact be S84010 K2)
  • NSN 5930-01-089-6772 (officially S84010; should be S84010 K2)
  • S840-10K2 (NSN 5930-01-051-1280)

Theoretical parts

Theorerical part numbers for observed switches:

  • S84020 E9
  • S84010 H3

Series S880

Clare-Pendar Series S880 is a medium height reed switch. Part numbers begin S880 (momentary), S881 (alternate action, never seen) and S882 (alternate action, latching).

Listed examples:

  • S880-10 (NSN 5930-01-123-8586, could be J7 mod)
  • S88010J7 (also NSN 5930-01-123-8586; J7 is illuminated)



  • MA* (Futaba MA series) — MA41JF is the only known model number from this series, and known sub-series are MA41, MA42, MA71 and MA72
  • MD* (Futaba MD series) — MD-4PCS is the only known model (already purchased), and sub-series are MD-4P and MD-7 (illuminated)
  • MR* (Futaba MR series) — Futaba MR-6C series is the only known MR sub-series
  • ML* (Futaba ML series) — ML-3-CM is the only known model (already purchased), and ML88 is the only known sub-series


Mechanical Enterprises

  • T-5* — MEI T-5 series (known subfamilies: T-5C, T-5H, T-5S, T-5L); example: T-5C-A-NO (T-5C, alternate action, normally open)
  • T-15* — MEI T-15 series



  • B3G* — Omron B3G series (not knowingly seen)
  • B3G-S* — Omron B3G-S series (widely known but no attempts to match known part numbers to actual switches has succeeded yet)
  • B2R-* — Omron B2R series (excluding B2R-G1, B2R-M, B2R-M1 and B2R-ME1, all of which are already acquired; B2R-ME is needed in better condition)


Note that the centre dot was added later. Most types will end "/0000" (no LED) which may erroneously be written "0000" without the slash.

Part numbers for RAFI RS 74 C are not known, but that series is especially desirable as it has yet to be seen.




SMK J-M0404 series known parts:

  • J-M0404#01
  • J-M0404#04
  • J-M0404#05
  • J-M0404#08 (sealed)
  • J-M0404#10 (dummy)

KKM series will be all or part of SMK second generation:

  • KKM*
    • KKM0611-0001 — the only known part: inverse cross illuminated, sold at too high a high price