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by kami_sama
02 Jul 2018, 20:22
Forum: Workshop
Topic: Converting an IBM Pingmaster
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So I'm the owner of a nos pingmaster. Using OldIsNew's guide, I wired up a pro micro to a db9 breakout and flashed it with the stock layout. I don't know why, but there's no keyboard in the device admin and no keypresses are being registered. I don't know why tbh, maybe an issue when programming? I ...
by kami_sama
10 Dec 2016, 22:29
Forum: Results
Topic: Live results chat (ended)
Replies: 91
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Congrats to all the winners! They deserve it.
ohaimark wrote: Thank you! I'm going to pass things over to webwit at this point, as I need to get food and do some things for University. Exams start on Monday and I still have a group project to wrap. :P
Good luck on your exams!
by kami_sama
04 Dec 2016, 22:27
Forum: Gallery
Topic: How Cherry has fallen
Replies: 36
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Great work, Haata.
Wonder what could have caused the change, Cherry has now more competition than ever in the mech space (even if it's a small part of their business), so things like this are puzzling.
by kami_sama
04 Dec 2016, 22:23
Forum: DTA news
Topic: Welcome to the Deskthority Awards 2016!
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First post on DT, semi-active /r/MK user. These awards are cool as hell. First time mechanical keyboard user, and I love the community around them (even with problems, like the Ping award indicates.

Even if I don't make the cut here, if I have the Reddit requirements, I should be good, right?

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