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by Cooccoo
29 minutes ago
Forum: Workshop
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New post [Workshop] Televideo PC Keyboard Pinout/Adapter

At page 47 you can find the schematic about 970 keyboard. The A6 ic have 2 types. 8049 / 8749. So, maybe it is a design change as you told.
by paperWasp
Yesterday, 22:51
Forum: Keyboards
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New post [Keyboards] Kaihl spring weight and tactility

Hmm... This thread contains the name kaihl (4x) and I thought it was kailh (0x). :lol:
OK. I can never remember their heigth and widht . :)
by JAZIGamer
Yesterday, 22:23
Forum: Deskthority wiki talk
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New post [Deskthority wiki talk] New page for HP C1405A not showing up in categories

First time post in any forum. I've been creating a new page for an interesting HP keyboard I purchased a while back.
I've gone over the guide for linking categories many times. My categorizations function only while I am logged in. I see a similar post
by JCMax
Yesterday, 21:24
Forum: Group buys
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New post [Group buys] Beam Spring 104+SSK Reproduction Project! First Batch In Stock, Shipping early next year after New Model F Project

If I had to go with battleship, it would probably be that also. A 122 key layout modified from a Model M-101. And if I went with a minimalist layout it would be the HHKB, like the F77 HHKB layout in the Model F project.
This may have been brought up before but what about a design/layout like the Dactyl
by thefarside
Yesterday, 15:47
Forum: Group buys
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New post [Group buys] F62+F77 orders now open! New Kishsaver+Industrial Model F Keyboards

I’ve been holding off on asking because I haven’t fully read the manual but I am curious if it’s possible to use Xwhatsit instead of the default firmware.
by thefarside
Yesterday, 15:44
Forum: Want to buy
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New post [Want to buy] [WTB] IBM Model F62 Kishsaver, Any Beamspring keyboards in original box and NIB IBM Model F104 Unsaver

I agree it would be lucky chance to find one. There was an eBay listing probably a year ago that was a beam spring display writer in an original box that was US Air Force inventory and I don’t think it was ever used. It obviously went for big money. Your best bet is to set up some searches and hope
by Jan Pospisil
Yesterday, 14:21
Forum: Keyboards
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New post [Keyboards] supplier for alps compatible parts that ships to europe

Nobody stocks the dolch set anymore, the only possible way to get them would be second hand.
TH do occasionally release new sets, currently there's a groupbuy (? I think) for a white on black one.
You can also still find the blue and grey one with some resellers.
by digital_matthew
Yesterday, 14:07
Forum: Off-topic
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New post [Off-topic] What's your piece of keyboard unobanium?

So I finally found my piece of unobtanium, but it turns out that it was unobtanium:
by Go-Kart
Yesterday, 12:27
Forum: Gallery
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New post [Gallery] Post your keyboard/keycaps!

Wouldn't be too big a job to move round a hot swap socket or two.
by Muirium
Yesterday, 11:54
Forum: Marketplace Help
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New post [Marketplace Help] What is this Double Shot Keycap?

Shame it’s not MX. You’d point out that it almost certainly still works, even in that condition! ;)
by XR6
Yesterday, 11:11
Forum: Want to buy
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New post [Want to buy] [UK] BT Merlin Zenith Z-150

I'm looking for a very specific board. Probably not gonna find one but I guess it's worth a try.
I'm after a British Telecom Merlin Z-150, like this: Any condition, any switches, I'm not bothered.
by voidstar
Yesterday, 05:56
Forum: Keyboards
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New post [Keyboards] IBM 5100/5110 keyboard KBD_P values

I've been studying aspects of the IBM 5110 recently (like replacing the PSU), and I think I have the info needed to make a replacement keyboard (i.e. what voltages are needed across the parallel pin of the keyboard). I've posted those measurements here:
by The Laptop Lagger
27 May 2022, 22:02
Forum: Keyboards
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New post [Keyboards] Using a Model F XT as a daily driver for a week

I intend to daily drive the XT Toshiba 1500 once I finally get it set up and working.
by The Laptop Lagger
27 May 2022, 20:45
Forum: Keyboards
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New post [Keyboards] T1500 Update

Dear reader!
This post is really for the handful of people who read my original post regarding the Toshiba T1500 keyboard I got in a trade.
Today I finally found the time to go out to a local computer museum, where I was able to test the board on period correct IBM XT hardware.
Good news! The board
by flowchartsman
27 May 2022, 18:26
Forum: Workshop
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New post [Workshop] Flash New Model F with VIAL firmware

I followed these instructions exactly for my f77 with xwhatsit 2u backspace and split right shift, but now my backspace key doesn't work any more! Every other key shows up fine in the vial matrix no matter what I do. Can anyone help me out?
EDIT: looks like the the spring might have slipped when I was
by enricodude
27 May 2022, 18:10
Forum: Keyboards
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New post [Keyboards] Looking for a full-sized keyboard with ISO-DE layout and media keys (and silent red switches)

TL;DR: I re-bought the model I sent back but will give it a good try with modding after it arrives. At least the "tape mod" under the PCB and foam mod.
But I wanted to say, I appreciate you guys carrying the thread on.
About the GM(M)K custom keyboards. Their case/housing reminds me too much of
by Versa
27 May 2022, 17:41
Forum: Reviews
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New post [Reviews] i-Rocks keyboard update video (i-Rocks "v2" Clicky)

Kinda want to buy a keyboard to try. I wonder if when they will start selling
by Plaketdebeur
27 May 2022, 14:22
Forum: Want to buy
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New post [Want to buy] [WTB] [EU-FR] various french/belgian cherry's board

Bump !
by apb
27 May 2022, 08:27
Forum: Keyboards
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New post [Keyboards] Keyboard suggestion for Model F, but quieter.

by LuckyBill
27 May 2022, 07:40
Forum: For sale
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New post [For sale] Double Shot KeyCaps

Thanks for your reply, I appreciate the information.