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by CL4P-TP
5 minutes ago
Forum: For sale
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New post [For sale] Filco Zero, Dytcom K-261, Cherry G8x-3000 case, Bull AT101 case, free stuff

Bump, added Bull AT101 case and Filco Zero price dropped to 100€. This is the final price for the Filco Zero, if I can't sell it will be fixed and cleaned (I'm waiting for my soldering iron)
by elecplus
14 minutes ago
Forum: Workshop
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New post [Workshop] Any cheap way to make or order a switchplate?

I have plates from AEK IIs that could be cut down. They will need some TLC, but at $15 they are cheap. Unfortunately, due to dimensions, they will cost almost $15 to ship! I also have plates from old Wyse boards. Also PCBs for both the above.
by faxe
25 minutes ago
Forum: For sale
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New post [For sale] For Sale: Genuine Cherry/GMK Stabilizers

by phinix
Today, 19:11
Forum: For sale
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New post [For sale] Norbaforce case

Selling my Norbaforce case.
Royal wrinkle black.
Original box, all the bits and pieces.
Used only for few hours, practically new.
£350 + delivery.
by samuelcable
Today, 16:32
Forum: Want to buy
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New post [Want to buy] OG Cherry set
actually, this one is a little better since all the caps are from the same board i think. "c6" and in this case "b1" is just the seller's way of labeling or grading them, i think. the
by Findecanor
Today, 14:18
Forum: Keyboards
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New post [Keyboards] IDENTIFY THE KEYBOARD thread

Key Tronic rubber domes (without the ErgoForce label) is hit-or-miss: nice or mushy — and you won't know until you have typed on it.
That is, until someone decides to collect keyboards and write down article numbers for the different types. But what a bother ...
by Fkazim
Today, 14:00
Forum: Workshop
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New post [Workshop] IBM 5251 Beamspring with DMAs CommonSense

Great job on converting your IBM 5251 Beamspring but I would just like to ask how could you connect the solenoid driver up to the CY8CKIT-059 development board?
if you could help me out with that it would be much appreciated.
by caiko
Today, 11:51
Forum: Want to buy
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New post [Want to buy] IBM Pingmaster

Cool! Weebs rise up!
by caiko
Today, 11:39
Forum: Want to buy
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New post [Want to buy] [EU] Model F's: 4704 F107, AT. Beamspring?

Hi all,
Looking to get as it says in the title; some Model F's and potentially a beamspring. Preferably EU (would go to Netherlands) given the size of these things.
I can refurb, so state is debatable -
by Scarpia
Today, 10:33
Forum: Off-topic
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New post [Off-topic] latte/coffee solutions

This. Well spotted, my friend. Also, who the hell says “getting down with the lifestyle”? Made me want to dunk his head in a vat of protein shake until his inflated show pony limbs stopped moving.
Yeah, can we just delete this thread and OP’s spam account?
by Fkazim
Today, 10:00
Forum: Workshop
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New post [Workshop] 1984 IBM 3178 Model C2 USB conversion with solenoid

Same I really want the pin out too for the solenoid controller to the CY8CKIT-059 Dev board Thanks.
by John Doe
Today, 09:52
Forum: Keyboards
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New post [Keyboards] Some of my best finds from Computer Reset

Oh, fuck, I like that displaywritter. A damn big harvest ever seen.
by Redmaus
Today, 06:17
Forum: For sale
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New post [For sale] [SOLD] NTC/Zeos KB-6251EA with White Alps

Bit steep for white alps and bigass enter layout, but it is converted. GLWS!
by Elrick
Today, 05:29
Forum: Reviews
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New post [Reviews] BIC 2P26 review (slider over spring) - T H O M A S R A N -

:D :D :D :D
by subcat
Today, 05:10
Forum: Other external
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New post [Other external] Great/Interesting Finds
if anyone’s keen to document this new topre board, that’d be really cool
by Sparkymind
Today, 04:59
Forum: For sale
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New post [For sale] [FS] MT3 /dev/tty Round 2 set - base, mods, numpad

Hey, is this set still available?
by snacksthecat
Today, 03:54
Forum: Gallery
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New post [Gallery] A Comparison of SSKs

Here is my industrial
1395682 (industrial, USA)
by Ellipse
Today, 00:01
Forum: Group buys
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New post [Group buys] F62+F77 orders now open! New Kishsaver+Industrial Model F Keyboards

The factory has finished assembly of 400 keyboards so far, less than planned due to issues slowing down the process that are being worked on. Assembly going forward should be at a quicker pace once these issues are no longer a bottleneck. This means that assembly will likely finish in July despite
by rpgwaiter
Yesterday, 23:12
Forum: Try before you buy
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New post [Try before you buy] [IC] San Antonio, TX Meetup V2

Darn, I wish I found out about this forum sooner! Any plans on having another SA meetup in the future?
by maxmalkav
Yesterday, 23:11
Forum: For sale
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New post [For sale] [EU-NL][H]DSA Granite keyset, Tai-Hao and POM keysets