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by Polecat
29 minutes ago
Forum: Keyboards
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New post [Keyboards] Reproducing Alps Keycaps (IC)

Understood, and that's probably the reason nobody has made them up already. It's a real shame that the old molds aren't still available.
39 minutes ago
Forum: Workshop
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New post [Workshop] (Model MF) Remodeling the Model M (aka.. the Mara)

I just want to buy some of my Model F parts back for experiments...
by Superdoedoe
Today, 01:09
Forum: Want to buy
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New post [Want to buy] WTB Cherry G80-3000 / similar style board

Also looking for some WoB caps!
by SneakyRobb
Today, 01:00
Forum: Off-topic
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New post [Off-topic] Honest opinion on beamspring boards?

they okay
by robo
Today, 00:28
Forum: Keyboards
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New post [Keyboards] The Apple II I just got has a very unusual external Keyboard

Huh. Pretty interesting. I wonder if the original user was an early keyboard enthusiast, who wanted the feel of that keyboard, or the ability to move it around? Or maybe the numpad and extra keys...
by anmq91
Yesterday, 23:40
Forum: Keyboards
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New post [Keyboards] IBM Model F Key problem

@ Weezer- Ahh yeah I never considered the fact that the old foam was actually really sticky. I did manage to get out all of the flippers before even starting to touch the foam, but it could be that some goop got on that one I guess. After doing the shaking trick, it sticks a little less than before,
by Bass
Yesterday, 23:16
Forum: Gallery
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New post [Gallery] IBM 5100 find

Congrats man! I could be wrong but I don't think you'll have much trouble diagnosing your keyboard problem unless there is physical damage somewhere. It's quite easy to remove from the rest of the machine and can then be disassembled just like any other beamspring.
by ZedTheMan
Yesterday, 23:03
Forum: For sale
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New post [For sale] Chicony 5192 with Cherry MX Pale Blue

This thread has been too harsh. I think the starting price is a bit too high, but I understand why he's setting the price where he is to start, I would have started at around 100 and see if anyone would be interested there, going down over time. It's hard to price stuff like this, unfortunately it's
by tentator
Yesterday, 20:44
Forum: For sale
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New post [For sale] I (and my wife!) am (are) willing to reduce my collection II

up-dates :)
by Dingster
Yesterday, 18:59
Forum: For sale
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New post [For sale] Cherry G80-1000HAY (C date code)

Still available :)
by listofoptions
Yesterday, 18:55
Forum: Keyboards
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New post [Keyboards] NCR K430 magnetic valve - Fixed! - second row from bottom was dead

hey! just saw this and thought id drop in a comment (sorry to resurrect a very dead thread!)
those extra traces aren't any thing like controller reference pads (err well they are, but the controller doesn't use them), or multiple optional key positions; rather, they're actually something far more
by depletedvespene
Yesterday, 17:49
Forum: Gallery
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New post [Gallery] Post your keyboard/keycaps!

Some of us still have a modicum of good taste .
by fohat
Yesterday, 14:57
Forum: Other external
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New post [Other external] Great/Interesting Finds

Although I am rather agnostic about purity and keycaps, I will say that the Model M function keys with alternating colors look lame and that Wheelwriter typewriter keys are particularly well-made and good-feeling.
by 4sStylZ
Yesterday, 14:53
Forum: Mice & other input devices
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New post [Mice & other input devices] new vertical thumb trackball from Kensington [2020]

Thumb seem’s strange to me. I have a expert mouse also 3 differents kensington Trackball and I hate all of them. Some are 100€ and still made with crappy quapility, glue assembly. Everthing fail on them.
by Ilostmytoeinvietnam
Yesterday, 04:10
Forum: Keyboards
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New post [Keyboards] Have you ever seen Num/Caps/Scroll Lock actually used WITH modifiers (Shift, Ctrl, Alt) to obtain a different action?

as a loyal user of the planck, I can say that two layers is all that I need. but three is a bit overkill, which is exactly why I have a 48 key instead of a 47 key, which is where I stash my third layer. the thing with the planck is that you really can only have one set of fn/cmt/ctrl or whatever layout
by jsahmiens
Yesterday, 01:06
Forum: Want to buy
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New post [Want to buy] [WTB] Ortek MCK-84

by dev-null-74
23 Jan 2020, 23:20
Forum: Keyboards
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New post [Keyboards] Atari ST keyboard USB converter [TMK based]

Hi adamkov,
thank you for your converter! It's a very cool idea!
I have a Mega ST Keyboard (and a TT keyboard) and I want to use it with a PC or a Raspberry PI running a Atari ST Emulator.
I was able to compile your converter and running it on a Arduino Micro (based on a ATmega32U4 microcontroller).
by treeleaf64
23 Jan 2020, 21:39
Forum: Keyboards
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New post [Keyboards] Cherry Viola switch

Their* :)
by fkcaps
23 Jan 2020, 19:14
Forum: Group buys
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New post [Group buys] [GB] MBK Choc keycaps: pre-orders open!

MBK profile has been designed for Kailh low-profile Choc switches, with the following goals in mind :

a scooped top, with a smooth curve made to hug your fingertips ;
high corners, to easily find your way to the right key ;
flat, low-profile (why use low-profile switches with high profile keycaps?)
23 Jan 2020, 18:10
Forum: News
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New post [News] daskeyboard product management

I'll add: the direction that Kiibohd is going is to use HID-IO. I haven't looked too closely but I think this involves a boot interface and a sideband that is way more robust, and talks to a host side driver and daemon. That way you can get native shifted characters, native Unicode input, modifiers jumping