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by Lbibass
less than a minute ago
Forum: For sale
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[For sale] Vintage Cherry doubleshot keycaps set - QWERTY ANSI layout

Oh yes.
by Hypersphere
7 minutes ago
Forum: Keyboards
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[Keyboards] What's Wrong with a Thrift Shop?

I agree! I got into Northgates when a fellow DT member spotted an Omnikey 101 US ANSI layout on eBay for a rather low price and urged someone to buy it. The board was rarther dirty, but I restored it and it turned out rather well. After that, I have just been patient, looking for Northgate postings.
by Hypersphere
20 minutes ago
Forum: Keyboards
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[Keyboards] Quietest Keyboard parts

My quietest boards:
Topre-switch boards with added lube and "Hypersphere Silencing Rings":
HHKB Pro 2 45g
HHKB Pro 2 with custom 55g
RF87UB 45g
RF87UB 55g
Topre-switch boards purchased with built-in silencing:
HHKB Pro 2 45g Type-S
RF R2 PFU Edition TKL 45g
Matias Quiet Click:
KBP V60 with
by SneakyRobb
25 minutes ago
Forum: Workshop
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[Workshop] Me too! Beamspring refurb

There is not much... nothing you can do about corrosion under the soldermask. It's due to delamination humidity age moisture etc.
The thing to do is just copy the design and order an entirely new pcb.
by stratokaster
36 minutes ago
Forum: Off-topic
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[Off-topic] Learning to touch-type properly

Some more observations along the way:
1) I have some trouble switching between my laptop (normal ANSI), my desktop (ANSI Filco Minila Air which has a less staggered bottom row and a very troublesome right shift) and my work PC which has a full-size ISO-UK keyboard. Apparently, I will have to standardise
by snacksthecat
48 minutes ago
Forum: Workshop
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[Workshop] Epson Q703C-AA Clean up and conversion

Well I've poked around this thing for way too many hours already. And not a peep out of the board.
The troubleshooting guide says to check and make sure you're getting a clock signal, which I'm not. I think this might just turn into a giant time sink for me (been there way too many times before :oops:
by Taeha Types
54 minutes ago
Forum: Gallery
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[Gallery] NIB IBM Pingmaster Typing Sounds

Thank you!
by Hypersphere
Today, 00:17
Forum: Want to buy
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[Want to buy] Dirty Blue Alps Keyboard

Most of my used keyboards were purchased from various sellers on eBay. Occasionally, I have managed to find a good price from some SKCM blue Alps keyboards. Lately, it seems that all the eBay sellers have been paying attention to our hype here on DT and over on GH, because prices for blue Alps boards
by Hypersphere
Yesterday, 23:36
Forum: Keyboards
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[Keyboards] SKCM brown tactile leaf question

Yes, this is what I recall from taking some SKCM brown Alps apart several years ago. My recollection was that the fit of the components was like that of a fine bolt-action rifle. The switches felt like fine machines. Other Alps felt wobbly and rattly in comparison. Much of the perceived weight of brown
by mattlach
Yesterday, 23:09
Forum: Keyboards
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[Keyboards] IDENTIFY THE KEYBOARD thread

I'm curious how you can tell. What are the giveaways?
So many of these look like unbranded Model M's to me.
by kybernator
Yesterday, 23:05
Forum: For sale
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[For sale] G80-1800, ISO-DE, w. coloured keycaps, also some PCBs w. MX-Blacks for harvesting

Actually, I am not totally sure what exactly constitutes a "vintage" MX black - I am relatively new to serious keyboard science.
method_ who posted above, was looking for vintage or as close as possible switches, has taken the risk, has by now received his board and seems quite satisfied. You might
by Hypersphere
Yesterday, 22:31
Forum: Keyboards
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[Keyboards] SKCM Alps Orange: Pinging After Cleaning Help

(doo wah, doo wah, doo wah, doo wah
Doo wah, doo wah, doo wah, doo wah).
by zrrion
Yesterday, 22:11
Forum: For sale
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[For sale] WTS NOS IBM hybrid keypad

by cloudhax
Yesterday, 21:18
Forum: Other external
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[Other external] Great/Interesting Finds

ok that is brilliant, I am definitely gonna use that one when the time comes
by Muirium
Yesterday, 21:10
Forum: Off-topic
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[Off-topic] Reasonable?

What a con!
by yayo350
Yesterday, 20:22
Forum: Want to buy
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[Want to buy] Acer KB-101A with blue alps

I posted last year wondering about how much a Kb-102as was, wasnt ready to sell then, but im kinda leaning towards that now, just dont really know how much its worth.
by Julle
Yesterday, 20:03
Forum: Off-topic
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[Off-topic] What are you listening to at the moment?

Banjo Guy Ollie is wonderful, check his channel out.
by __FLawLesS__
Yesterday, 17:36
Forum: For sale
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[For sale] WTS/WTT Some vintage stuff.

PM-ing for G80-11800 (MX brown
by cineraphael
Yesterday, 16:40
Forum: Keyboards
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[Keyboards] What's up with Alp SKCM Blue being so hard to find?

What Suck about Alps clone is that they never brother make a complicated Alps clone. Which mean only Complicated Alp Switch are only Alps SKCM! right now I cannot imagine how many Alps board had been destroyed by Recycle Center.
by John Doe
Yesterday, 14:29
Forum: For sale
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[For sale] Bass's for sale thread

Time flies, price grows.