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by ppCircle
1 minute ago
Forum: Keyboards
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New post [Keyboards] Alps Double Shots

Also looks like this dell 103 is using doubleshots made by alps, maybe there is also ansi version with them.
by shine
10 minutes ago
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New post [For sale] IBM Beam Spring keyboard for DisplayWriter 6580

by Polecat
43 minutes ago
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New post [Want to buy] [WTB] Tai Hao ABS Double Shot Keycaps - White on Black or Dolch Set
by kbdfr
Today, 16:16
Forum: Group buys
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New post [Group buys] F62+F77 orders now open! New Kishsaver+Industrial Model F Keyboards

I do recommend non-selective reading.
wobbled’s first post about that price was fairly neutral:
he then posted twice in a similar manner, even saying, when the possibility of a mistake was mentioned: " I do hope so.. he sold me industrial ssk's and f107s for very fair prices in the past ".
by vometia
Today, 15:52
Forum: Off-topic
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New post [Off-topic] How did you found your internet nickname?

Tried to think of a sensible, lore-correct name for my character at the time. Failed, so I chose a stupid one instead. Of course that's what people started calling me, so 14 years later, there it still is.
by MaD_ColiN
Today, 14:32
Forum: Keyboards
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New post [Keyboards] Filco multi-pressing after coffee accident - Help!

Trying to avoid desoldering until it's the only action left available. I can try continuity testing each affected switch. I assume this can be done while they are still soldered in? Are there any voltage limits I need to worry about?
Testing the switch by bridging the contacts with tweezers on the PCB
by ntv242
Today, 12:25
Forum: Keyboards
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New post [Keyboards] British Telecom "Leopard" Keyboard

From the broken part on the spacebar you can see a bit of the stab there. Looks like a long wire.
I personally think this might be foam and foil. Im pretty interested to see what it is as well
by anthonymak
Today, 11:58
Forum: Workshop
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New post [Workshop] IBM Model F XT Internal Cable Color Codes Help

please refer to the pics below and hope this help
by CL4P-TP
Today, 11:14
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New post [For sale] NMB Hi-Tek 725 "Gundam", Olivetti KBD-2812 (OG Cherry doubleshot keycaps)

by ntv242
Today, 10:14
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New post [Want to buy] Filco SA keycaps

by TheInverseKey
Today, 07:24
Forum: Keyboards
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New post [Keyboards] building 60% keyboard with vintage switches

Nice space invaders one, welcome to the SI 60% gang!
by skorpionrazor
Today, 06:57
Forum: Keyboards
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New post [Keyboards] Smelly Epson KB03 keyboard - Any advice?

Thanks for the advice!
I've heard the same about these switches so definitely not opening them up. I never lubed any keyboard but if its possible to do it on this without dismantling the switches I can definitely try, otherwise I'll just clean the switches as much as i can with an airduster and paintbrush
by funkmon
Today, 06:03
Forum: Other external
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New post [Other external] Great/Interesting Finds

I mean, yeah, I guess. PM me with some offers. I like XT and AT layouts, and clicky alps. It's honestly not that cool though. I tried to see if I could use that right shift to replace the backspace key on my F XT, but it doesn't work.
by toniwonkanobi
Today, 05:00
Forum: Group buys
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New post [Group buys] [IC] NOS SKCL Green Alps

Status update? Still de-soldering? :)
by ddrfraser1
Today, 01:41
Forum: Workshop
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New post [Workshop] Cortron (ITW) 55-500216

Sick dude. I tell ya, those wp keebs are the best looking.
by Willy4876
Today, 00:37
Forum: Keyboards
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New post [Keyboards] Vintage keyboard haul

Some of those old Toshiba laptops have really nice keycaps awesome find!
by Erisie
Yesterday, 23:50
Forum: Gallery
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New post [Gallery] Keyboards in movies/TV series!

You're right: the pod's chair has DataHands on the armrests.
What a coincidence: I was just reading about the DataHand on Xah Lee's website today.
by Wazrach
Yesterday, 22:15
Forum: Want to buy
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New post [Want to buy] [WTB - UK/EU] Model F springs

I wasn't impressed with the key feel when I first got it. I had a feeling something was wrong with the switches. They were barely tactile and scratchy. I know buckling springs have a wear-in period, but I've typed on pristine and NOS Models F before. They're way better than what I experienced when
by ntv242
Yesterday, 21:09
Forum: Keyboards
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New post [Keyboards] NTC KB-5060

Hi there,
I recently acquired this NTC 5060 keyboard. Don't think it is rare, as a quick search tells me that it has pops up here and there in DT. However there has not been a proper thread about it so i thought why not ey?
Here is the keyboard exactly when I got it
Open it up to clean it as much
by Daimakaimura
Yesterday, 20:34
Forum: Keyboards
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New post [Keyboards] Cable for IBM 5576-001

Thanks for the info. No one else can add anything to this? Has someone tried to build one maybe?