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by Ellipse
less than a minute ago
Forum: Group buys
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New post [Group buys] F62+F77 orders now open! New Kishsaver+Industrial Model F Keyboards

Latest update from the factory:
They are still on track to finish all early bird assembly by the end of August.
by pizza_is_a_lie
38 minutes ago
Forum: Group buys
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New post [Group buys] [IC] ASK55 - Alps 14.5u Keyboard (NEW RENDERS)

Honestly, I cannot wait to see what you guys do! :o :mrgreen:
by Rimrul
56 minutes ago
Forum: Workshop
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New post [Workshop] (Model MF) Remodeling the Model M (aka.. the Mara)

We should be getting close to the end of the buying phase by that plan. Somehow I think there'll be some more delay, until our lizard resurfaces.
by Jimi14
Today, 22:27
Forum: Other external
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New post [Other external] Great/Interesting Finds

Well, the seller and i do live in the same city, so i could probably go and check myself actually. If you wanna buy one i could act as a middleman and send it to you since i'm kinda curious on stb's, but i don't want to buy a board that's probably just gonna sit around and collect dust.
Nice analysis
by ZedTheMan
Today, 21:02
Forum: For sale
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New post [For sale] [EU-UK][H] Orange Alps, Canon Spherical Alps Keycaps, Macropad MX Keycaps [W] PayPal

Hmm. I might be interested in a set of those spherical Alps caps. However, it may be a short bit before I have the money for it. Would it be possible to hold a set for a month?
by zslane
Today, 18:59
Forum: News
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New post [News] A look back: The Bloomberg Keyboard

I was used to cheap membrane keyboards, but that's not what I wanted. Discovering high-quality mech boards was a godsend for me. The Cappening thread was a revelation, and after reading it back in 2015 there was no going back to "what I was used to". Ever.
by Muirium
Today, 18:26
Forum: Want to buy
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New post [Want to buy] [WTB] profiled relegendable keycaps

A fine recipe!
Quite what my thing for ruthlessly sharp Helvetica dyesubs says about my other choices, I have no idea…
by kbdfr
Today, 18:16
Forum: Want to buy
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New post [Want to buy] [USA] [W] Looking for Cherry logo LED window keycap

Sorry, TE, the keycap is not available anymore as an old acquaintance contacted me and…
by waldorf120
Today, 18:10
Forum: Keyboards
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New post [Keyboards] Alps Appreciation

I have seen dozens of M0116s and have never seen any with anything other than all oranges or all salmons (minus the lock switch). This is cool, looks like 7 grain cheerios.
by CL4P-TP
Today, 17:59
Forum: For sale
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New post [For sale] Apple M0118 (SKCM Orange), NOS Epson QX-10, Dytcom K-261, Black Filco Zero

by swampangel
Today, 17:52
Forum: Workshop
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New post [Workshop] Run a copy of Keyboard Firmware Builder locally

The other day I was getting an error trying to download .hex files from (it's fine now).
I'd been meaning to set up a copy on my computer, because I want to try some changes to the default wiring method.
The original source is easy enough
by PancakeMSTR
Today, 17:45
Forum: Workshop
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New post [Workshop] [Done] CommonSense controller - better capsense!

I'll try it when I get home and get back to you with the results.
I'll probably have to download the new source right?
by subcat
Today, 17:00
Forum: Other external
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New post [Other external] Yahoo! Japan Auctions Thread

New listings 19/08
- Happy Hacking Keyboard Professional BT JP black -
- JPY 20,000 start
- Realforce R2TLSA-JP3-BK (30g) -
- JPY 1 start
- Sony BKE-9400A -
by Coco
Today, 16:59
Forum: Keyboards
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New post [Keyboards] IBM model F XT not working suddenly

Here's the link for HID Listen:
If you use Windows, click on "Windows executable."
Hope you're able to fix your XT!
by Muirium
Today, 14:13
Forum: Group buys
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New post [Group buys] [GB] GMK WoB/BoW Icon extension kit (LIVE 22/07-31/08)

Got a link for a nice matching White on Black set to go with these? I want to wince at the overall price before I get costly ideas!
by Muirium
Today, 14:09
Forum: Keyboards
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New post [Keyboards] Trends in keyboard design: Who started what?

As I linked in the news section:
Better is different, and different is weird.
by mr_a500
Today, 12:48
Forum: Gallery
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New post [Gallery] Retr0bright - a cautionary tale

Well just look at how white this seagull turned out:
Seagull checking out keyboard.JPG
He used to be totally yellow. OK, not really... it's a real seagull who came to check out my keyboards in the sun. But you can see the Apple IIc, about 3/4 of the way to becoming as white as in the previously
by marcvk
Today, 12:31
Forum: Workshop
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New post [Workshop] Blusb universal BT-USB Model M controller cross-platform GUI and/or CLI thread

There is another repository with a functioning command line / terminal version of the blusb program. It's developed on Linux, but should also work on Windows / MacOS.
One thing that is missing is UI support for editing macros. If there is enough demand I can
by Muirium
Today, 11:04
Forum: Workshop
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New post [Workshop] CM Novatouch MX stem repair

It feels hairy the very first time you try to pop one out, but once you get it, it’s the simplest thing. Much, much easier than desoldering a Cherry or Alps switch. You just need to unscrew a lot to get in there. I even got a keyboard newbie friend to join me to strip down two Topre boards at a dining