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by RobOSX
12 Apr 2018, 20:19
Forum: Keyboards
Topic: Post the ugliest keyboards you've seen!
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Brett MacK wrote: Am I the only one that hates artisans?
ugly keb.jpg
While my dislike from them is abundant, my teenage daughter loves them. To each their own.
by RobOSX
12 Apr 2018, 19:01
Forum: Keyboards
Topic: [Engineering Prototype] BladeMaster keyboard comes here to gather idea
Replies: 57
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Too little space between the f-row and the number row. Ideally the spacebar should be blank. Not a fan of floating keys design. Yes, some people mention the spacebar, I will let the design team rethink it. As for the space between F-row and number row,we want to make the keyboard more compact. The ...

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