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by TwistedPair
05 Nov 2018, 07:48
Forum: Workshop
Topic: Converting an IBM Pingmaster
Replies: 241
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Really nice job! I'm looking forward to how you'll get this finished.
by TwistedPair
18 Oct 2018, 09:31
Forum: Off-topic
Topic: Another vintage keyboard being destroyed for it's switches.
Replies: 15
Views: 1038

Poor doggie. I really hope the reddit OP had some kind of ventilation measure.
by TwistedPair
15 Oct 2018, 11:26
Forum: Workshop
Topic: Televideo - The beginning of a journey. The end of my social life.
Replies: 89
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Outstanding! That soldering is really nice and smooth.
by TwistedPair
12 Oct 2018, 06:29
Forum: Keyboards
Topic: Plank + Joystick Custom Keyboard Build
Replies: 11
Views: 2995

Great job! It looks really nice and neat. The color of the LED light goes very well with the board.
by TwistedPair
10 Oct 2018, 09:30
Forum: Gallery
Topic: Very good haul (19 boards, 2 wheelwriters)
Replies: 39
Views: 2628

Thank you very much for the rare pictures of WW2 veteran keyboards.

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