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by genesisx
18 Mar 2019, 02:00
Forum: News
Topic: Keystone Hall-Effect Keyboard.
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Re: Keystone Hall-Effect Keyboard.

I really hope this could solve all the APT problems and be a truely great switch
by genesisx
01 Nov 2018, 19:14
Forum: Keyboards
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found this on eBay, anyone happen to recognize it? The label fell off so couldn't ID the make of photo of the back as well
by genesisx
31 Oct 2018, 15:45
Forum: Workshop
Topic: Magnavox VideoWriter keyboard (cleanup and conversion)
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Great work!!! Registered just to reply :p, I just got my hand on one of these, I am wondering what would it take to make an RJ14 to USB adapter for this?

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