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by GigiN
06 May 2019, 19:01
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Topic: Burroughs TD 830 Series Keyboard
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Re: Burroughs TD 830 Series Keyboard

I really like this keyboard, especially the rounded keycaps. But it's not ANSI...
by GigiN
06 May 2019, 18:59
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Topic: Canon S-51 typewriter (SMK "peerless"?)
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Re: Canon S-51 typewriter (SMK "peerless"?)

Why aren't you allowed to use a Model M at work?
Who would forbid that? Did anyone complained about them being too noisy? :)
by GigiN
13 Apr 2019, 21:09
Forum: Keyboards
Topic: Moisture damage after cleaning?
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Re: Moisture damage after cleaning?

Does your OS recognize the keyboard when you plugged it in?
If so, maybe there is hope. Just don't use it for about a week at least and keep it in a dry and well ventilated place.

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