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by fkeidjn
27 Jul 2015, 04:37
Forum: Workshop
Topic: Deskthority ALPS keyboard Project
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Nice idea, thought this a couple of times. The problem with using second hand alps switches is they don't last very long and are hard to replace if you need to. I've used only a handful of alps switches but had the fortune of using new and used ones. New alps keyswitches feel 100x better than used ...
by fkeidjn
22 Jul 2015, 04:09
Forum: Workshop
Topic: buckling spring with cherry on top
Replies: 93
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Looking at the shape of the keycaps for the Model M ( ... t9847.html), perhaps SA row 1 upside down could work? Or DCS row 4?
by fkeidjn
05 Jul 2015, 23:29
Forum: Workshop
Topic: keycap profile demonstration props
Replies: 22
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What keycap profile on a flat plate would be the closest approximation to buckling springs on a curved or bent plate?
by fkeidjn
03 Jul 2015, 04:59
Forum: Keyboards
Topic: Auxiliary Spring Mod on Topre-switch Boards?
Replies: 25
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Interesting idea. I like the look of those springs, especially on the all white HHKB: As for the feel, you're right to wonder if they have a different effect than the corresponding grade of dome. My intuition says a 45g dome + 10g sp...
by fkeidjn
01 Jul 2015, 19:14
Forum: News
Topic: Topre spare keycaps no more
Replies: 34
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Sorry, dead thread revival... Have there been any updates on aftermarket keycaps for Topre boards? ...because my situation is rather awkward: Somehow I managed to break one-half of the keystem while pulling out the TAB key, and yes, while gently using a keycap puller (I was pulling out keycaps to cl...

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