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by r0Ln
20 Aug 2015, 15:11
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Topic: Canon Typewriter Keyboards
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This is an electonic typewriter with linear switches and double-shot keycaps. Circa 1987. A friend of mine have one of those as well, we opened...
by r0Ln
25 Jun 2015, 22:57
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Topic: Price Check: How much is my _____ worth?
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Hi I've got 2 Acer keyboards, an Acer 6012 with White ALPS and an Acer 6312 with Acer Blacks. The 6012 is in a pretty good condition, almost no yellowing exept for the wrist rest (most noticeable around the arrow cluster) and it's got a little scratch at the wrist rest as well. The 6312 has a very u...

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