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by s3vv4
21 Feb 2018, 15:42
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Topic: [IC] Nordic ALPS keyset
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Do the PCBs you link fit inside a Filco case by chance?
by s3vv4
21 Nov 2017, 11:16
Forum: Group buys
Topic: [IC] SKBXX solid bent alu case made in Germany (60%+75%)
Replies: 167
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Sandblasting would fit the overall theme of the case perfectly I think.
by s3vv4
15 May 2016, 20:11
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Topic: [IC] GMK HADapter Kit This is the IC, Link to GB Inside!
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I would suggest adding 2 1u Window keys, so it supports a full 7u bottom row.
by s3vv4
17 Mar 2016, 00:32
Forum: Group buys
Topic: 60% ver. China PCB, plate and plastic case Update: GB ends, processing
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A similar offer opened up in my region, so less shipping, and it includes stabilizers, so I think I'll abandon ship.

Should I PM you my details? Otherwise you will notice when I don't pay the invoice, either way is fine for me.

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