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by My_Thoughts
10 Aug 2016, 14:22
Forum: Group buys
Topic: [InterestCheck]colorway interest check for royal purple
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Nice colours :)
by My_Thoughts
13 Nov 2015, 13:38
Forum: Group buys
Topic: SA Dasher & SA Dancer keycap sets (Completed)
Replies: 618
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zslane wrote: So here are some questions I have:

1. Should the ISO kit provide an "ALT GR" key?
I would vote yes to this.
by My_Thoughts
08 Oct 2015, 13:08
Forum: Try before you buy
Topic: NovaTouch TKL Community Tour
Replies: 320
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I don't know if there are plans for another Euro novatouch tour but i'm very interest if there is one.

and yes I know my account is new but I am using the same username on reddit/geekhack/massdrop etc


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