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by dragon788
28 Dec 2020, 22:25
Forum: Mice & other input devices
Topic: Has anyone considered adding mouse support into something like the IRIS or Ergodox?
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Re: Has anyone considered adding mouse support into something like the IRIS or Ergodox?

Well there was the KeyMouse, but it is crazy expensive and I'm definitely more a fan of the QMK mouse keys (or keynav on Linux or Karabiner Elements on macOS) for quickly moving the cursor when necessary. I live in the terminal/browser and use Vimium or similar in my browsers to avoid the need to to...
by dragon788
22 Jun 2016, 06:47
Forum: Group buys
Topic: Round 5 and Round 6 kits for sale!
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Curious if order 0727 has shipped yet?
by dragon788
09 Apr 2016, 21:33
Forum: Workshop
Topic: A reduced matrix layout (for ergodox, kinesis, maltron, etc)
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This sort of blue shift layout looks pretty nice, and I'll be trying something similar with my Ergodox, but I'm not sure if there is any way to get it running on my Kinesis. It has the embedded keypad layer which would be a good contender, but I don't think that there is any way to move the keypad ...
by dragon788
02 Dec 2015, 00:05
Forum: Gallery
Topic: Kinesis Advantage with Spherical Keycaps (DSA Family for SP)
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Apologies for the extreme thread necro, but as I hit this through Google while searching for the same info I figured you might appreciate a current answer as well with Kinesis owners searching for blanks. Kinesis is actually selling them through their site now. I'm looking to get a set, I'm just hop...
by dragon788
26 Nov 2015, 03:17
Forum: Workshop
Topic: [WIP] OneHand - 20% Keyboard
Replies: 358
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PJE, I'm definitely interested in a pair of these as well. I've been playing with my Maltron one hand units and they are OK, and especially nice if you are physically restricted to only using one hand and just learning or recovering from RSI they can be beneficial, but for quick shortcuts or chordin...

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