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Keyboards » Which component is the most important part of a keyboard? (Replies: 35, Views: 485)

... be cleaned! I've seen keyboards as disgusting as you can imagine. With a lot of love and affection, even an ugly keyboard can be beautiful again. #3: Sometimes grittiness can be fixed by lube or cleaning. If not, I agree with you -- keyfeel is very important. #4: I agree about the case -- it usually ...

17 Jan 2017, 21:59

Photos » ThinkPad Keyboards and Switches (Replies: 14, Views: 2776)

... ones feel horrid #2 the travel distance is very low, if you prefer taller keycaps and more travel distance you won't like the chiclets very much #3 the non -LITE-ON chiclet keyboard FRUs are decently tactile #4 the layout doesn't jive with those who like the IBM style (re: dedicated volume buttons, ...

14 Jan 2017, 01:51

Taobao » Goodies from China(thread re-open) (Replies: 107, Views: 1874)

...!!33672540.jpg #3!!0-item_pic.jpg!!650794455.jpg ...

13 Jan 2017, 01:31

Photos » Goodies from China (Replies: 205, Views: 2603)

...!!33672540.jpg #3!!0-item_pic.jpg!!650794455.jpg ...

06 Jan 2017, 13:19

Photos » ThinkPad Keyboards and Switches (Replies: 14, Views: 2776)

... stuff, took me 10 minutes to put one back on after I accidentally popped it off--this was at work too so it was even more annoying. Since I am a 'caps lock toggler', I have managed to make the caps lock key on one of these keyboards shiny: #3 Late Z / T series ...

25 Dec 2016, 19:42

Group buys » Round 7 / ALGOL-style / Deadline 2017-01-31 (Replies: 422, Views: 24610)

... I was wanting to snatch the VIOLET ALGOL TKL, might as well get the properly themed alphas, plus it would save a bit compared to the fullsize set. #3 Ctrl and Alt are switched on the RGB sets, or is that intentional? For the renders I kept the colors like in the 2D previews, but placed them the ...

16 Dec 2016, 21:11

Group buys » [Interest Check] SA Oblivion (Replies: 38, Views: 1834)

... as R1, or am I mistaken? Is there any keyboard that does not have a numpad but needs any of these three keys in R1? #3 ALT GR has been removed from both UK and International sets in favor of change #4. Also I am aware that the UK and International kit both do not ...

16 Dec 2016, 01:57

Keyboards » "Your Fab Five" Keyboard Contest (Winner Announced) (Replies: 132, Views: 3391)

... - My Happy Little Topre (HHKB Pro2, Type-S, Hasu'd, cookies stickers, just the right amount of fancy on the caps) #3 - My best buck (Model F XT all refurbished, layout see caps) Wish this was an AT ;) #4 - The poor man's MX5000 ...

13 Dec 2016, 21:49

Photos » Hey, you stole my SSK badge! (Replies: 2, Views: 168)

... #2 The IMFC breakout box Excuse the dust, I retrieved it from storage so it's dusty. #3 701C mini dock You'll notice the logo is off centre. And that's all I could find in my pile of random parts; there ...

06 Dec 2016, 06:53

F̶o̶r̶ ̶s̶a̶l̶e̶ » PCB w/ Cherry MX clears and lasered caps, ANSI (Replies: 31, Views: 778)

... drawing has taken place with following results: place #1: Scottex place #2: IjonTichy place #3: Sayso place #4: Phenix place #5: Wodan place #6: gogusrl So Scottex and IjonTichy can have a PCB each. Please PM me. In case of a withdrawal or ...

03 Dec 2016, 07:52

Group buys » F62+F77 orders now open! New Kishsaver+Industrial Model F Keyboards (Replies: 2217, Views: 101272)

... but the fonts could be re-adjusted to be lighter which I think is the case) #2 Colour is darker (a different coloured ink could have been used) #3 There is less bleeding (perhaps the older labels were left under the dye-sub machine longer so that the 'fadedness' effect was reduced and they became ...

24 Nov 2016, 02:30

Photos » Operation Darling - Local recycling center raid ! (Replies: 204, Views: 5337)

... #2 G80-1000 HAD (the CLASSIC!!!) #3 Cherry MX Black Plate Mount ... #4 same as #3 ...

24 Oct 2016, 17:10

Photos » Operation Darling - Local recycling center raid ! (Replies: 204, Views: 5337)

... Terminal Model-M with AWESOME numpad legends: #2 Pretty beaten up Model M #3 Model M2 very very unfortunately missing the ISO-Enter key :( #4 Lexmark Model M #5 ...

21 Sep 2016, 20:02

Workshop » Alps key switches - ultrasonic cleaning adventures (Replies: 45, Views: 1208)

Today I put Northgate Omnikey 101(SKCM white Alps) #3 back together after using ultrasonic cleaning on the top housings and sliders. For the springs and click leaves, I just rinsed with 70% (v/v)) isopropyl alcohol. In addition to cleaning, I lubed ...

06 Sep 2016, 19:04

Keyboards » Most ergonomic keyboard switches. (Replies: 34, Views: 1301)

... videos linked in the last (necro, but still interesting) post and the comments therein: - The different camera perspective in video #2 vs. #1 and #3 seems to account for at least part of the perceived hand movement difference. - Restricting typing to finger movements puts the whole stress on the ...

06 Sep 2016, 06:42

Mice & other input devices » What's the deal with RS6000 LPFs / LPFKs? (Replies: 3, Views: 647)

... of say 5 minutes, it could then begin a light show of cycling through its LEDs | I can almost guarantee these LEDs don't support fading however #3 different active light templates (which keys are lit up) could be assigned My only major complaint is that the 6x6 matrix omits each corner key. ...

31 Aug 2016, 14:59

Workshop » (Model MF) Remodeling the Model M (Replies: 1667, Views: 49592)

Well, I guess we really have two separate needs: -shipping parts -shipping assembled inserts -storing keyboards I was jumping right to #3, but for 1 and 2 I'd think typical shipping with packing peanuts should be sufficient. I'm going to deconstruct and measure my Unicomp box this weekend, ...
Techno Trousers

04 Aug 2016, 01:55

Keyboards » Leading Edge DC-2014 Blue Alps (Replies: 29, Views: 701)

... are not killing it. Consider harvesting organs from an already-dead corpse for their 2nd life. You can attach the 5th wire (the previously unused #3) to PD7 on the Teensy and I think that the latest Soarer firmware will pick up on it and use it.

21 Jul 2016, 23:56

Keyboards » Storing sorted things (Replies: 19, Views: 748)

... that I needed to save while scrounging (or had an excess of). *The most often lost keys on the model M keyboard are #1) Esc key, #2) Ctrl key, #3) minus key from numberpad. Here's a photo of how I now have my model M keycaps stored in an old 5-drawer organizer for 35mm photographic slides. ...

13 Jul 2016, 01:11

Group buys » F62+F77 orders now open! New Kishsaver+Industrial Model F Keyboards (Replies: 2217, Views: 101272)

... like the originals. LewisR go for it! Everyone still has time to get in the early bird round. strah the factory says they are using Zinc #3 (the most common high end zinc alloy for die casting). Some more info:

13 Jul 2016, 00:53

Vendors » scrounging day (Replies: 154, Views: 3716)

Sorry for my late reply. Just answered hammelgammlers' pn. Will take (as long as he is happy with it) #3. If not I would like to get #8 Thanks A LOT Cindy!

05 Jul 2016, 13:17

Vendors » scrounging day (Replies: 154, Views: 3716)

I'd take either hammelgammler's #3, or #8 (in that order), pending Phenix's answer! Cindy thank you for the opportunity!

05 Jul 2016, 12:08

Vendors » scrounging day (Replies: 154, Views: 3716)

Would it be alright to swap my #3 with #2? Would you guys be okay with that? :) I do have more then enough flipper and spare parts, and will also convert them with a xwhatsit. So I don't need a cable either. #2 and #3 seem to be very similar, ...

05 Jul 2016, 10:50

Vendors » scrounging day (Replies: 154, Views: 3716)

... to make their choice! Chrisism chose board #1 Hammelgammler and gf (1 each) chooses #2 and #4 Ramnes chose #7 Lot-lizard chose #5 Phenix chose #3 Chzel chose #8 alh84001 will take #6 Sorry for the confusion

04 Jul 2016, 23:45

Vendors » scrounging day (Replies: 154, Views: 3716)

... on the back. #2 3290-A3084 No attached cable. 25-pin male and 15-pin female on the back of the board. Missing 3 springs, 2 caps and spacebar. #3 appears to be a modified version of #2. DIP switches on the back, attached cable coming out of the 25-pin space, no 15-pin, just a hole. Hand written ...

04 Jul 2016, 16:46

Deskthority talk » Deskthority Official Merchandising (Replies: 121, Views: 4049)

very nice designs, would you mind trying inverted #2? with a spacing similar to #3 maybe

09 Jun 2016, 17:31

Group buys » Mini-Groupbuy: IBM Model F "Bigfoots" [shipped] (Replies: 147, Views: 3535)

... And here is the result: Sayso Bigfoot #1 idollar Bigfoot #2 Crossfire Bigfoot #3 Halvar Bigfoot #4 Dra Bigfoot #5 Ray Bigfoot #6 kekstee Bigfoot #7 Alkhar Bigfoot #8 Nuum Bigfoot #9

21 May 2016, 13:15

Keyboards » What costs in Topres? I don't get it. (Replies: 73, Views: 6483)

... #2 (but mention that before switching to another one I used a Cherry MX board for about ~20 years, and it is still in perfect condition). But your #3 is just rubbish. If that's one of the main reasons to have a Topre, then you can as well walk the streets clad in aluminium foil, hammer your fingernails ...

01 May 2016, 06:38

Keyboards » Broken Topre boards. Do they exist? (Replies: 53, Views: 1393)

... MX switches. […] #1 […] seen numerous broken MX switches […] #2 […] since I've used MX keyboards I had not one Cherry switch stop working […] #3 […] Broken MX switches? Yes, I've encountered a few of those […] #4 My Cherry MX post #5 Your post quoted above :mrgreen:

27 Apr 2016, 14:50

Photos » LSB's Collection (Keyboards & Typewriters) (Replies: 24, Views: 2205)

... Mods. HHKB Pro 2 (#2 Black) - Stock 45g Topre (with KK mods right now) HHKB Pro 2 (#3 White) - 45g Topre w/ Hypersphere rings HHKB Pro 2 in Prototype Metal Case - 45g Topre - This thing is awful, in every ...

21 Apr 2016, 21:22


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