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by Sugoi
16 Mar 2011, 18:02
Forum: Keyboards
Topic: what keyboard to buy?
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I would recommend a Filco as well. Alternatively you could go for the Leopold as suggested before in case you don't want to spend that much money.
by Sugoi
16 Mar 2011, 17:57
Forum: Mice & other input devices
Topic: Trackball anyone?
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I can't give any recommendation, unfortunately. The last time I used a trackball was certainly more than 12 years ago. And back then they sucked like hell (at least for me). I was told that they have been improved quite a lot by now, though. Anyways, I don't think that I'll switch from mouse to trac...
by Sugoi
16 Mar 2011, 17:52
Forum: Mice & other input devices
Topic: Will touch screens kill the keyboard?
Replies: 141
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May be possible. However, I don't see that happen any time soon. Our "old-school" keyboards will be around for a while.
by Sugoi
16 Mar 2011, 17:48
Forum: Keyboards
Topic: Wrist-Rests
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No, I do not use them. The first thing I was thought in the typing lesson was to throw that away since it slows down your typing speed and it can cause the carpal tunnel syndrom.

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