The correct etiquette for a Japanese job interview

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29 Jun 2015, 11:18 ... etiquette/

This was a very interesting read to me and and I got bit more knowledge regarding a culture which I feel is very very different from my own.

For example, the correct angle to bow in a job interview:



29 Jun 2015, 11:32

That is very interesting

Different things in different cultures are always interesting, look at how time is handled in different cultures. Most western cultures have a monochronic approach to time, so a meting at 10AM really does mean 10AM and not about 10AM , where as in polychronic time it would mean , about 10 :P

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29 Jun 2015, 14:43

Well, I think this illustration is ridiculous, even for japanese. There is some kindness, you can't learn from numbers and angles, and not even from books, or tutorials. Is it called charisma?

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29 Jun 2015, 15:06

The first two guys aren't ever getting a job. And the third had better have a doctor's note for his sore back. Such contemptuous disrespect!

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29 Jun 2015, 22:43

I like that the bows are delimited in degrees Centigrade. No imperial degrees here! ::geometry head explode::

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29 Jun 2015, 22:55

Even the Japanese Empire was metric…

And somehow I didn't even notice those C signs. Whoops!

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