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16 Mar 2016, 18:53

Sorry folks. Things have been pretty rough lately. My mum was diagnosed quite late with thyroid cancer right around new year. This has recently escalated to a significant surgery she's due in about a week which will permanently remove her voice, among other things. The cancer's grown quite a lot in her neck, around both her tubes, and metastasised in her lungs too. The surgeon's going to take it all out of her neck, rendering her mute in the process, in the hope that subsequent radiotherapy can do its best on the secondary tumours in her lungs.

So, I'm spending a lot of time with her at the moment. Recording family stories while she can still tell them, and samples for a computer generated version of her voice. This has obviously kept me away from DT for the last week or so, and I can't predict how long into the future.

Also, back on Friday, my 10 year old Mac Pro died. Which has thrown quite a spanner in the works as well! Ugh.

Anyway, what I need for the moment is *patience*.

My GB shipping will continue when I can. Unfortunately, in the mad rush I tried to take at it since I came back from America, I've made way too many mistakes and seriously need to audit everything before I resume. A really bad habit I've developed is answering people's PMs on my iPhone while I'm away, and then messing things up when I get back home. So expect lengthy message delays! I need to use my inbox as an inbox. I'm obviously failing to buffer everything between.

Fortunately, we don't live somewhere barbaric where a big health Oh Shit Moment like this also means financial doom for the whole family. But I am knocked right out of my usual routine right now, so you guys will have to be patient with me while we put all this back together.

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Wild Duck

16 Mar 2016, 19:00

Ouch, that's horrible, take care man.

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16 Mar 2016, 19:11

Sorry to hear this man, that's terrible... Take care and all the best to you and your family.

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16 Mar 2016, 19:13

Take care μ, and give priority where priority is due, and that isn't DT.
We'll be here waiting patiently! And the mistakes will be fixed!

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16 Mar 2016, 19:27

That's terrible. All the best for your mother and you, hoping the surgery and therapy goes well.


16 Mar 2016, 19:29

My dad underwent a laryngectomy after having been a smoker for most of his life, but your mom seems to have got off much worse.

After the surgery, my dad could use a electrolarynx (exactly like Ned on Southpark) but with the help of a speech therapist he learned to speech through a form of burping which sounded much better.

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[ XMIT ]

16 Mar 2016, 19:37

Muirium wrote: [...]Fortunately, we don't live somewhere barbaric where a big health Oh Shit Moment like this also means financial doom for the whole family.
Yeah, I know what you mean. :x

Please know that you do have friends here on DT who are hoping for the best for you, your mum, and your family. Let's all think of creative ways we can help through this difficult time.

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16 Mar 2016, 19:38

All the best to your family, and also you of course. I have to say your absence is really ... remarkable!


16 Mar 2016, 19:58

Sorry to hear this, all the best to you and your family.

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16 Mar 2016, 20:02

We will be praying for the best outcome for you and your family. Our best to all of you.

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Cherry Picker

16 Mar 2016, 20:28

Terrible news. I hope she recovers well. Take care, look after her and don't worry about us.

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Un petit village gaulois d'Armorique…

16 Mar 2016, 20:31

Keyboards can wait. Wish you all the best, I know too well what you are going through :(

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16 Mar 2016, 20:33

Oh, that's not good at all. Been wondering where you've been lately, this was worse than I'd expected. Wish you and your family all the best!

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16 Mar 2016, 20:43

I hope for the best. Take care!

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Awake Sheep

16 Mar 2016, 21:02

All the best for your family, Mu. Take good care of them now. Come back when you can.


16 Mar 2016, 21:05

μ, set your priorities in the correct order.
All the best for you and your family.

let's go

16 Mar 2016, 21:18

I'l sorry to hear that, I hope you the best.

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16 Mar 2016, 21:23

Thanks folks. I made this thread so you know I'm not completely dark, and so I had somewhere to link to when I do get back to people re: shipping stuff. I'll pass along the good wishes from the internet to her!

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Offtopicthority Instigator

16 Mar 2016, 21:36

Take care and be strong man. All the best for you and your family.

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16 Mar 2016, 21:39

Oh man, I'm so sorry to hear that. I wish you and your family all the best!

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16 Mar 2016, 22:05

All the best to you and yours mate.

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formerly prdlm2009

17 Mar 2016, 02:00

Muirium wrote:
Fortunately, we don't live somewhere barbaric where a big health Oh Shit Moment like this also means financial doom for the whole family.
Lol, somewhere barbaric. You mean this barbaric place where health expenses are the leading cause of personal bankruptcy?

Regardless, thanks for the update. We are missing your posts, but some things are more important than keyboards.

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Sell me 5k please

17 Mar 2016, 02:42

man I'm sorry to hear that. All the best for you mate

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The Tiproman

17 Mar 2016, 07:39

Muirium wrote: […] what I need for the moment is *patience*. […]
And a few hugs. Take care!

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17 Mar 2016, 07:45

best wished, Mu.

I've been there last year. I know what it means.

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knock knock

17 Mar 2016, 08:31

All the best to your family. I'll pray for you.

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2 girls 1 cuprubber

17 Mar 2016, 08:33

whatever you need, you got it man. you're in all our thoughts i'm sure.

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Topre Enthusiast

17 Mar 2016, 09:55

All the best, man. It must be really tough.
I guess the Big 'C' will rear its ugly head for all us at some point in our lives if it hasn't already :(

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17 Mar 2016, 10:21

Take care of yourself and your close ones, µ. I wish you all the strength you'll need.

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√(4) != -2

17 Mar 2016, 10:25

Shit :( I'm so sorry to read this man... I wish I could help you in any way!

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