Mechmarket mods abuse their power and it's damn funny

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08 Feb 2019, 19:14

So, I'm trying to sell a board from a shady transaction. And those don't tend to be very easy to sell ...

2 days ago :

The post that started it all ... ed_paypal/

(reddit link for the ones who want to check it as it stands right now : ... ed_paypal/)

Needless to say it's a shitshow, comments got nuked because one of the previous shady owner said "yikes, hope you catch who it was", people attacked him because he was believed to be the one I needed to catch :lol:


2 days pass and now I want to put it back for sale.

1st post ... ypal_with/

(reddit link for the ones who want to check it as it stands right now : ... ypal_with/)

hmm removed ? okay, well let's see why ....

oh so it's the update which is the problem, fair enough, I'll remove it and post again.

2nd post ... ed_paypal/

Wait .... why was it removed AGAIN ???? Drama ? but there isn't any drama ???

Oh ... it's some dumb stuff like that ... I'm furious but I want to sell the thing :evil: :evil:

3rd post ... ed_paypal/

Hey ! 3rd post doesn't get removed !! Nice !!

*new comment on your post*

hey it's a fun one, it's involving drama even though my post is as barebone as it gets ... sounds like I was right from the very beginning, let's make a fun reply referrencing that ...

Oh .... the comment I wanted to reply to got removed :lol: ... ed_paypal/


Mechmarket mods are braindead.

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09 Feb 2019, 00:11

I also have had a terrible experience with this mod specifically, and i’ve spoken to others in similar situations. He/she goes out of their way to enforce the rules when it isn’t necessary and overall seems to be somewhat drunk with power. Maybe if enough people complain, we can get them demoted or something.

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09 Feb 2019, 01:21

Some people is really idiot, and when this people gets an important position, they become a cancer. With that kind of mods, I would slather my dick all over their faces.


28 Mar 2019, 19:12

Funny thing is that guy, "idunnomanilikekeebs" is the alt of a scammer. that alt was recently banned, the original was kollectivmk or something along the lines of that. So that guy who accused you is probably the scammer himself, and everyone bandwagoned against you

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Chasing the Dream

19 May 2019, 17:47

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