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26 Sep 2019, 16:10

I assume this applies to the middle finger on both hands, right?

I haven't noticed this effect, but I don't touch type properly anyway. My hands fly around in the "hovering style" above the keyboard, instead of resting on home row like you're supposed to. My own rules for which fingers hit what keys are more complex than I myself understand! It's not elegant, but it works and plenty fast enough for me.

My guess is what you're really feeling is leverage. That finger is the longest of the bunch.

sarahschreiber wrote:
26 Sep 2019, 12:38
The finger right next to my pinky is ridiculously strong compared to my other fingers.
Oh, wait, I completely misread your description. You're talking about your ring finger? Well, that is weird! I use mine less in typing because they are inherently less dextrous, and indeed shorter, than the index and middle fingers. They are very far from being my strongest fingers in any sense!

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29 Sep 2019, 13:59

I barely use that finger on my right hand at all and often find it just politely stays out of the way for much of the time. Though while I've been typing this I've been noticing what it is doing which is using the backspace key and other stuff in the vicinity. I think on my left hand it sees more use, but that's probably in common with the way I use my hands in other things like e.g. bass playing, where my fretting hand (my left one) sees all its fingers being used equally whereas my playing hand just uses the index and forefinger, with my thumb and sometimes little finger to position it and the ring finger not really having a job.

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