From keyboards to surgical masks: Razer converts production lines amid Covid-19 outbreak

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19 Mar 2020, 23:59

Razor is not my taste but this is a pretty cool move. Thoughts? Anyone else doing stuff like this? ... d-covid-19
This article originally appeared on ABACUS
The coronavirus pandemic has set off a global shortage of face masks. Now gaming gadget maker Razer says it’s working to fill the gap.
In a Facebook post on Thursday, CEO Min-Liang Tan said his company is repurposing some of its manufacturing facilities to produce surgical masks. The goal is to donate a million masks to health authorities around the world. The initial shipment is slated to head to Singapore, Tan’s home country and where the company’s Southeast Asian headquarters is based.
Razer joins a number of tech manufacturers that are already producing masks. iPhone manufacturer Foxconn debuted a mask production line last month to meet the needs of its factory workers. Smartphone makers Xiaomi and Oppo are also reportedly pumping out masks. Both companies, along with Alibaba, have donated their supplies to Europe.
(Abacus is a unit of the South China Morning Post, which is owned by Alibaba.)

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Gotta start somewhere

20 Mar 2020, 00:25

That's certainly something that will help as even hospitals have to reuse masks(my mom is a nurse) and certainly something
Razer didn't have to do.

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20 Mar 2020, 18:08 ... k-factory/ An electric vehicle factory is now one of the world's largest mask manufacturers. ... sanitizer/ A whiskey distillery switches over to hand sanitizer, and gives it away.

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