What do you want this christmas?


01 Dec 2012, 01:23

As it is December 1st (kinda) we need to get some Christmas talk going.

What are you wishing to receive, getting for yourself or getting others?
And do you have any plans this Christmas?

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01 Dec 2012, 09:09

Don't want anything, just looking forward to seeing friends :)


01 Dec 2012, 13:45

Peace of mind.


01 Dec 2012, 14:37

Getting an aeropress coffee maker for my dad, will probably buy a few more for friends and family. Highly recommended for any caffeine junkie.
I ordered a MacBook for myself as a big birthday/Xmas treat.

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01 Dec 2012, 15:14

Finally get enough money together to get a driving license.

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01 Dec 2012, 16:56

So far I got a KBT Pure (blues, not backlit) + a keycap set from WASDKeyboards for me :mrgreen:
and this micro usb cable that shows the charging current for my dad (he loves stuff like this):
Not sure about my mom yet, maybe a new case for her iPad.
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04 Dec 2012, 13:03

A keyboard for each cherry mx switch and custom switch mod. Why yes, yes I have an addiction :)

Oh and a stepped center stemmed caps lock key white on black, all black or black with transparent letters. ;-)

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05 Dec 2012, 22:15

87,000 key caps, 5,000 switches and CAD-files for the Hyper keyboard.

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06 Dec 2012, 08:58

Don't tease 7bit, won't see those caps that soon?

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06 Dec 2012, 09:05

dirge wrote:Don't tease 7bit, won't see those caps that soon?
I can promise the CAD files to be ready before Christmas!

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06 Dec 2012, 09:27

That for the case? Any teasers or do I need to wait?

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11 Dec 2012, 12:32

Two weeks till he arrives.

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11 Dec 2012, 12:39

I'm getting a new desk, but loosing my office as the babby needs a bedroom.

Not fussed what I get outside of that, I'm mostly looking forward to some time off!

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