Smallfry/Nathan Walter Remembrance

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Input Nirvana

30 Jun 2013, 07:35

Nathan Walter on Geekhack, known to most of us the last 2 years as Smallfry, passed away Thursday night, June 27 after being in a coma since June 14. His terminal brain injury was the result of being hit by a vehicle from behind as he was driving a ride-mower home. He and his family were to leave the next day for vacation (note the dates on his avatar) He was impressive, he was talented, he was 16.

Geekhack remembrance thread: ... #msg945636

A little about the man, and his family's journal during the 2 weeks he was in ICU:
Smallfry avatar.jpg
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Topre Enthusiast

30 Jun 2013, 07:52

Oh no... :(
Last time I spoke with him (a while ago) I was helping him with the hunt for his unicorn keyboard (a Filco Zero).
He was a nice guy and pretty enthusiastic...shame to see him go. RIP.

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30 Jun 2013, 12:13

I've just read the whole thread made in Geekhack and I'm speechless.

It really shocked me and I'm really sad. I work in a Hospital and I can imagine how difficult the last weeks may have been for him and his family.

I'm here to help in anything we can do for his family and to honour him in any way.

Rest in peace Nathan.


30 Jun 2013, 17:10

We miss you

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Wild Duck

30 Jun 2013, 17:50

Damn that's real tragic, only 16 years old. My condolences to family and friends.

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30 Jun 2013, 17:59

Not much of a GH'er, but always liked reading 'Smallfry', not least because of his obvious kb-enthusiasm .

My condolences to Smallfry's family and friends, he will be missed by many .

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01 Jul 2013, 00:07

This is just too tragic. Words really aren't enough, and I don't know what more I should write, so I won't.

My condolences to everyone close to him, especially family.

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2 girls 1 cuprubber

01 Jul 2013, 01:55

that banner is wonderful.
SmallFry will be greatly missed.

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Input Nirvana

01 Jul 2013, 04:09

Thank you Webwit, this is very sweet.

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01 Jul 2013, 07:07

I'm still pretty torn up, he was a very talented kid with a bright future. Just sad to see it end so suddenly.

I love it Webwit. Simple, in memory.

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01 Jul 2013, 07:22

He was always interested, always eager to learn and help. The world lost a bunch of encouragement right there.

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01 Jul 2013, 09:56

16 years old!? omg...what a tragedy! RIP Smallfry. :(

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01 Jul 2013, 10:16

Horrible news

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01 Jul 2013, 10:40

I was wondering about the new banner, now I know what this is for.... sad news :(

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01 Jul 2013, 10:49

Just terrible - rest in peace.
Accidents like this always remind me that one could be dead tomorrow and that everyone should spend their time on whatever they love. Enjoy your life as long as you can.

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dye hard

01 Jul 2013, 11:31

What a tragedy, life can be this weird, I'm very sorry for the family and friends.
Now it's pretty sad reading his last posts on GH and make your mind he is no longer there.

The DT banner it's a very nice tribute guys.

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01 Jul 2013, 20:29

SmallFry definitely one of the coolest people I have ever met. Young, smart, talented and participated in a lot of things outside of just keyboards. A very enthusiastic individual and heart set on improving the keyboard knowledge base. Looking at life in retrospect and my meeting with him, I wish I could have done more for him.

In my last conversation with him, which actually happens to be documented on these forums, was him asking me to put aside all the keyboard drama bullshit and come back to Geekhack to help him work on improving knowledge. Needless to say but, yeah, it feels like shit inside.

My tribute to SmallFry: ... -smallfry/

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01 Jul 2013, 20:51

Accidents are the worst. No reason. No sense. No meaning. Yet the loss is still all too real.

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02 Jul 2013, 20:10

I don't know what to write now.

My condolences to the family and the friends of SmallFry. It's a tragic thing to happen to anybody, but to somebody even younger than me? That's just not right.

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Input Nirvana

03 Jul 2013, 07:34

A permanent remembrance with "Emeritus" status.
Smallfry new avatar.jpg
Smallfry new avatar.jpg (16.58 KiB) Viewed 2957 times
A nice gesture for someone who gave so much and set such a high standard. A really amazing guy. I'm still mostly at a loss for words.

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