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27 Mar 2024, 23:15


Whenever a user tries to upload a file to the Deskthority wiki, Mediawiki shows a form with a generic introduction. This intro was suboptimal for the current situation (literally thousands of unlicensed pictures stored, and people adding to that number) so I changed it at least for those using US English as their language preference for the wiki. The new intro is based on Wikipedia guidelines and makes it clear that specifying a licence is mandatory, as well as providing some guidelines to name their files and so on.

Currently MediaWiki can't be configured to show a given intro for every language. The text you see is merely a translation of the default English intro, so if you were to upload something using a language other than US English you wouldn't see the updated notice

Redirects do not work in this context and I'm not expecting a fix any time soon (a related feature request for MW is tracked here). Therefore, as an interim measure I have used the updated US English intro to replace the one for the most popular languages in such a way that UK English, French, Italian, Spanish, etc. speaking people will see the updated text instead of the useless default for their language. This is not ideal and leaves out users of "not so popular" languages, who won't notice the update.

If you want to contribute a translation for the intro in your language, you can help:

1. Visit this link in your browser.

2. Click "Edit source" or "View source" above.

3. Copy the text into your preferred text editor and translate it.

4. Post the translation here stating exactly which language you have selected as user preference for the wiki. You may want to surround your translation with "code" tags.

I'll upload your translations to the wiki so everyone using your language can also see the updated text. Translations for the US English stop-gap replacement I have copied around are also welcome if you want to do that.

Thank you.

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