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Last Man Standing

31 Jan 2016, 12:38

DT is full of beautiful pictures from keyboards, switches, keycaps etc. From these pictures some are picked to current header image rotation, which is a very nice feature as I really love these high quality pictures that show the details.

Would it make sense to create a separate wallpaper pool from submitted images, which users could then configure as wallpaper service into their computers? This way we could enjoy from these quality images also at our desktops. Naturally images selected for wallpaper rotation needs to be different resolution than header images, which probably would also mean that images in wallpaper rotation would be mostly different ones than in header image rotation.

There are ready tools to archive this for all major operation systems, so this would just require creating and maintaining such image pool.

What do you think, does automatically updating and refreshing mechanical keyboard oriented wallpaper pool sound like a good idea?

Submitter's permission would be required and maybe some small DT overlay could be added to some corner too?


Tools for for Windows and OSX:

Tool for Linux:


31 Jan 2016, 19:15

Cool idea

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01 Feb 2016, 12:31

Just download the images you like (look into the photo thread) and put them into yuour backgroud image. No special tools at DT's site required.

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Last Man Standing

01 Feb 2016, 13:02

Sure this can be done manually by every individual, but not quite the same idea that I was after here.

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Gotta start somewhere

01 Feb 2016, 14:53

It would be better to have a designated section to download wallpapers. The photos I post are not 1920x1080 so its easier to load.

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01 Feb 2016, 17:55

I doubt this would make a good feature. We already have image rights problems aplenty with the wiki. And what makes a good crop, anyway? You're better off grabbing photos you like, by hand, and editing then manually too. Maybe make a new thread where everyone can share theirs too.

Those site headers are an art in themselves. Just another simple crop, right? Wrong. Check their thread to see what a dick the guy in charge of picking them can be!

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