A Suggestion and a Question

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microsoft windows

21 Feb 2011, 21:18

It would be more convenient if the thread titles instead of the users who created them were in bold. It's no big deal, but it would just make browsing a little easier.

Also, how do I enable the viewing of signatures?

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Gasbag Guru

21 Feb 2011, 21:29

Signatures are globally disabled. You can view them by clicking the little "▼" next to a username. This may or may not work properly on your web browser, since it uses somewhat modern technology.

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microsoft windows

21 Feb 2011, 21:57

Thanks for pointing that out!

I go on this forum on my Windows 98 laptop, using Opera 10. It doesn't render too well in MSIE5.

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23 Feb 2011, 09:52

Why not Opera 11?

I mean Opera is great, but even better in the current version.

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microsoft windows

24 Feb 2011, 22:21

I haven't gotten Opera 11 to run in Windows 98. But Opera 10's still a great browser.

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