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05 Apr 2015, 15:28

There were a long discussion about ICL products and Ericsson switches in this thread and I got curious and emailed veteranklubben Alfa, a veteran club who has members that have been working in these organisations. I got in contact with a person who was responsible for keyboards in ICLs big Bundespost order. I asked him about what switches they use and got this response.

"What you are describing in your email, it sounds like you are talking about Ericsson switches. They where used in the Bundespost RPQ among others. The keyboards where produced in Bräkne-Hoby."

If you look at the pictures of Sixtys mystery keypad you can se a Bundespost logotype which indicates that this keypad was part of that deal. The Bräkne-Hoby factory, who earlier made typewriters as a part of Facit AB, was bought by Ericsson and ended with a bankruptcy in 1992 the same year the keypad was made.
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Offtopicthority Instigator

05 Apr 2015, 18:21

that telekom logo is from the 1990's, but that is very well known. I've never seen that switch before either. Interesting.

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The Tiproman

05 Apr 2015, 18:33

Have a look there: ... tml#p24754

I had two of them, which were so horrible that I feared even the dumping site would refuse them :lol:

If you still absolutely want one:

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Offtopicthority Instigator

05 Apr 2015, 18:47

no I don't want one thanks. At least it's got a seperate numpad.

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