What is the state of the art in one-handed keyboards?


07 Sep 2015, 08:29


So I am looking for information on onehand keyboards and found a splatter of google hits and forum posts here.

Do any of you know of a good summary or review of what options there are for a one handed keyboard?

Thanks for any tips on what models are worth looking into and what to avoid.


07 Sep 2015, 08:59

Oops! the subject was meant to say 'Onehand'. Somehow the auto spell check keeps changing it to "Unhand"

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07 Sep 2015, 09:16

Fixed the title up for ya.
Wish I could help with the question but I don't know too much about it. The first keyboard that springs to mind for me though is the Maltron. Definitely not cheap!

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07 Sep 2015, 09:44

We also have this little project around: http://deskthority.net/workshop-f7/oneh ... t6617.html


07 Sep 2015, 09:45

Matias still sells a “half keyboard” on which you can hold down the spacebar to access the other half of the keys. It’s quite pricey though. You could definitely achieve the same effect with any standard keyboard, either with programmable keyboard firmware or in software on the computer.

What exactly are your criteria and constraints?


07 Sep 2015, 10:54

I will look into the Matias half keyboard, seems like it could be something.

A keyboard that can be used with my left hand and preferably not very bulky, as in easily packed in my bag.
I primarily use as 13" Mac Book Pro for my work, and connect to an external monitor when at my desk.
Bluetooth connectivity for the keyboard would be great, but not a requirement.

I looked at the Twiddler, but have not been able to lay my hands one yet to test how it works for me.


14 Oct 2015, 23:22

I vaguely remember a script or download that does pretty much the same thing as the Matias half board.

Search for mirror Keyboard.

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15 Oct 2015, 00:24

Here's the mirrorboard
http://blog.xkcd.com/2007/08/14/mirrorb ... -the-lazy/

And the Matias half keyboard

I made an Autohotkey variant of the xkcd mirrorboard for windows a long time ago and it actually works pretty well. I really really really don't see why the Matias board is worth $595 :roll:

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15 Oct 2015, 10:08

ne0phyte wrote: I really really really don't see why the Matias board is worth $595 :roll:
My guess is that there is almost no market for it. It does not make sense to make to for less.

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15 Oct 2015, 18:26

I would buy one if it was priced more reasonable.

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16 Oct 2015, 07:48

We just completed development of our one-handed Bluetooth LE keyboard called DecaTxt and built 100 of them last month. It's a ten-key chord keyboard about the size of a deck of cards and can be used with either hand. I sent out some to folks who supported our crowdfunding campaign but still have plenty left if you're interested. You can check it out on my website www.in10did.com and contact me there. I'm planning to sell them for $125. Still haven't worked out retail packaging so I haven't made them available anywhere yet but if you don't care about that than I can ship it in a box and bag.

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16 Oct 2015, 21:24

ne0phyte wrote: I would buy one if it was priced more reasonable.
You can also build one half of ergodox or k80cs or gh36 programmable matrix.
gh36 should be the most easy and the cheapest.
It will not have the same shape. But maybe it will have a better shape? It depends what you want. And all the three alternatives are fully re-programmable. And I bet there are more options out there.

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