Which Cherry board should I get?

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27 Nov 2011, 21:43

Hey I'm looking into buying a Cherry MX Blue board. So far I've looked at the Leopold ten keyless, the Razer Blackwidow Ultimate and standard, the kcb poker, and the vortex backlit series. Are there any other cherry boards i should look at if not then out of the 5 listed which one is the best


27 Nov 2011, 21:51

Tons more to look at... Filco and WASD come to mind, those would be my first two choices, both plate mount w/ Costar stabilizers. Also DAS uses cherry blues, Rosewill RK-9000, Noppoo Choc Pro or Choc Mini... I'm sure I'm forgetting a few.

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27 Nov 2011, 22:28

thanks for the input everyone has been talking about filco and das so ill take a look at them and the others you have listed as well

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27 Nov 2011, 23:05

And a g80-3000 cherry board ?
if it is for testing purpose these are the cheapest option...

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29 Nov 2011, 13:31

If you want to save some money, definately check out the Noppoo Choc Pros. Their buildquality is similar to a filco and they got way better keycaps.
Also check WASD-keyboards for a really solid board with great custumisation options.

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29 Nov 2011, 18:20

The answer is simple - all of them! :D

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01 Dec 2011, 02:05

Half-Saint wrote:The answer is simple - all of them! :D
As much as i would like to buy all of them i don't have that kind of money

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01 Dec 2011, 11:13

don't worry

the more time you spend on these forums the more money you'll have.
You just have to cut spendings from everything else :mrgreen:


05 Dec 2011, 18:41

I have a rosewill keyboard (second edition) that cost me 84 CAD (taxes included, no shipping fees).
Mine has red cherries but you can get one with blue cherries. The quality is good, better than my leopold and das.

You should buy it, it's the best deal you can get.


05 Dec 2011, 21:39

I'm not a fan of the Razer stuff personally ... don't like the layout and they are a little too pimped out for my liking (not a gamer, don't want any bling!), but each to their own. Lots to pick from. Whereabouts are you located? That will help us direct you to appropriate retailers ...


05 Dec 2011, 21:47

It really depends where your located but almost all of the keyboards mentioned in this thread so far have been really great recommendations. Does Europe have a cheaper way to get leopolds without having them imported from the US by elitekeyboards? I prefer Filco anyways, which I assume are much easier to obtain in both the US and Europe thanks to The Keyboard Company.


06 Dec 2011, 21:52

If you have the patience then trying them all out isn't that unheard of. They retain a ton of value so buying two or three used and then reselling the ones you won't use might be a decent strategy. It is what I did.


07 Dec 2011, 10:33

With christmas coming around fast - get your parents\significant other to get you a new board as a present. I myself am having a really merry geekmas, when I arrive in the states I'll have waiting for me a i5-2500k, mATX board, 8GB RAM, Ducky 1087 w/ blues, CM Storm QF Rapid w/ reds, and a Razer DeathAdder, the purple decepticon edition. ;)

Then I just have to wait until the the 4th of Jan before I can use them. ;_;

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07 Dec 2011, 17:10

wow - wish I still got Christmas presents...


08 Dec 2011, 15:32

mrog wrote:wow - wish I still got Christmas presents...
Never too old for Christmas presents. They get more extravagant over time... Like I've got my girlfriend tickets to see Bruce Springsteen in Hyde Park, then we're staying in a luxury apartment by the park that night... ;)

edit on my previous post, the components are my present to myself for Christmas, the boards and mouse are from the missus.

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