Can Dell AT102W Be Converted to ANSI or UNIX Layout?

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10 Jun 2017, 21:22

I have been given a black Dell AT102W keyboard. It is in UK ISO layout. It has the tall enter key and other ISO layout.

Is it possible to convert this to ANSI or UNIX layout? If possible I would like to change the layout to be more like HHKB layout. I would like the delete above enter and split key above that.

Is this possible?

I also struggle to get it working. I have no PC with PS/2 ports. I bought a cheap PS/2 to USB converter but it does not power the keyboard. Is there a good suggested USB converter I may use? Can you provide eBay link or Amazon link?


10 Jun 2017, 21:45

You need an active converter which translates the PS/2 codes into something the USB port 'understands'.

Orihalcon also sells a more expensive solution that allows you to remap the keys, which may help you get closer to the layout you are after.

And then there's the 'blue cube'. It works well, and is fairly cheap. You can also find it on e-bay, but I'm not sure if all the 'blue cubes' sold there are from the same manufacturer.

By the by, if you want to see where most of the keyswitches are located without pulling off all of the keycaps have a look at my Dell AT102 thread, which is slightly lower in the list than yours. Although I am not 100% sure, I reckon the AT102W is not all that different from the keyboard I have, apart from having the added Windows key.

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Elder Messenger

10 Jun 2017, 22:09

While an "ANSI-mod" is trivial on an IBM if you are taking it apart anyway, other manufacturers did not make it easy on tinkerers by putting all the components in place (even if they were not activated).

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emacs -nw

10 Jun 2017, 22:21

You could achieve both in one step I guess, using Hasu's PS2->USB converter (which also makes your keyboard fully programmable), either by buying a ready-made one from him, or by making yourself one using a cheap Arduino Micro Pro:


10 Jun 2017, 23:57

I think it would be easier to find an ANSI Dell AT101W than to mod the layout.

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13 Jun 2017, 18:26

Thank you for all the replies. I think you are right Findecanor. It is probably not worth the effort to convert the keyboard.

I am very interested in these modifiable cables and converters. They would be useful to convert this and other keyboards to a preferred layout.

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