IC and Massdrop: the Halo Switch Disagreement

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11 Nov 2017, 02:27

Findecanor wrote: Huh? In this video there are no missing bolts: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sTyHlXM0j-A
I count eight of them on the back.
Thank you for the video, YES the only two bolts left holding this keyboard together is the top two. That is why I can sneak my flat-head screw driver in the opposite side to lever it open slightly. I thought that maybe there were some loose parts inside preventing the keyboard from fully working, did that with an old keyboard years ago. Once the internal junk passed out that older keyboard worked like new. Not in this case.
Findecanor wrote: I think you should get in touch with Massdrop and have it replaced or even get a refund. With missing bolts and unreliable keys -- that makes the whole keyboard suspect, and I would say that that gives you a good reason to request a replacement or refund. Just use polite language and don't mention the stabilisers so that you never veer away from getting their sympathy.
Thank you for your advice, my last keyboard return was a KC60 which took a long time and of course I had bought it for one of my girls and she was heart broken. Loads of problems and basically she lost her trust in me when it came to anything to do with MD. In the end, the newer shipped KC60 still had some problems but I was already out of pocket by another $42.00AUD in shipping and lost time. It could of gone on forever and every time I would of had to pay out more in shipping.

There is a time to just finally say NO more. Basically the KC60 ended up being landfill and I bought her another keyboard off Mechanical Keyboards instead. Nothing worse than failing your own children after promising them something (every father should know that feeling), hence anything bought for myself and it fails, will usually end up being tossed because it's cheaper that way plus I don't mind losing to myself but letting down another family member, is the absolute worst.

You just move onto the next product line available, anything NOT connected to the Input Club.

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