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02 Dec 2017, 15:42

I was reading Reddit today and saw that there's some sort of new version of the Ergodox EZ Keyboard that allows you to change switches without soldering, how reliable is this tech? Anyone has any information?

Link to the sales page:

Reddit Link: ... _preorder/


02 Dec 2017, 16:25

Hi CuriousBuilder, welcome to the forum.

I do not own an ErgoDox but the EZ build I tried on is a bit too light weight for my taste - I suspect there is no metal mounting plate in there, but I cannot verify.

These "hot swap"receptacle for key switches are engineered to maintain reliable contact for the connection to function, given when properly installed on the PCB. Currently there are three variations of such parts:
1. TaoBao Receptacles (offered also by KBDfans on Aliexpress):
That fit larger PCB holes and require soldering.

2. Holtite Receptacles (offered by many sources such as Digikey or Mouser):
Some builders claim that installation of these does not require soldering.

3. Kailh has recently made its new Receptacles available (seen on TaoBao):
It seems to me that Kailh's design is the most sturdy one with plastic protecting the receptacles.

It is also advised to have a mounting plate for switches if you use some of these hot-swap receptacles for stabilization of the switches. However, I have no problem using them on PCB-mount switches which are tactile or clicky, as I won't bottom out like crazy like I may do on linear switches.

You may want to look into the internals of such a new ErgoDox DX product, e.g. does it have mounting plate for switches? And what style of receptacles it is using.


02 Dec 2017, 16:29

I suppose that they could be using "Holtite sockets". Holtite sockets I have bought from Mehkee fit well into the standard ErgoDox PCB.

Kailh's socket would require new PCBs but they would probably give a better connection. I know some Cherry MX clone switches (such as Outemu) have thinner pins than others and might not get a reliable connection inserted into the regular Holtites.


27 Feb 2018, 17:12

Hi all,
From the pictures currently on their website, it clearly looks like Kailh's design, with an updated PCB.

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