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03 Jan 2018, 06:50

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This is my fourth revision of the key layout of Input.Club's Infinity-ErgorDox. I have a custom switch plate cut, which moves 11 switches (per hand) off of the PCB's slots. I then wire wrap lead wires from the moved switches and thread them back to the PCB. Since I only needed minor tweaks to the previous build, it might mean that I'm done.

SA Dasher and Dancer keycaps, with eleven fill-ins from the limited color choices at PMK.
Kaihua Kailh Box "Blue" Switches, but with white stems. I'm liking the more solid and snappy feels over the Gateron Blues. I suspect that it is due to the box stems. The Kailh's also seat more firmly in the switch plate. It could be that the previous build's switchplate was cut with wider tolerances,... but I think it is that the Kailh's have a better, boxier design; more consistent plastic; and/or a better production control. Who knows? I only sampled 78 of them.

The latest configuration tool by Input.Club now includes mouse movement and mouse buttons. Precise mouse movements is not yet supported, but it still might prove useful.
ErgoHack3.3-3.2 side by side.jpg
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I only tweaked the thumb cluster by:
  • Slightly widening the gap in the bottom row to create a small thumb channel to the 2U keys in the middle row of the thumb cluster.
  • Shortened the "Super" key from an R2 1.5U to an R3 1.25U. This size is less wobbly and is still a comfortable target.
  • Upper Alt key now has no rotation in the column, from 5° to 0°, which allows it to tuck in closer to the middle column thumb key. I now use an R1 profile key which feels accessible when pressed by itself and more comfortable when presses together with either of the adjacent 2U thumb keys.
  • The outer, middle 2U thumb key was rotated an additional 5°, causing the stagger in the outside bottom row, which were also rotated from 0° to 5°. This stagger slightly improves the comfort when pressing the Ctrl key alone, while maintaining the cording comfort with pressing it together with the two adjacent outer column thumb keys.
  • The "Backspace" from the keycaps set is an R1, which I rotate by 180°, providing a nice thumb catch for this thumb-under-palm key-press.
3.2 has a brushed stainless steel switch plate where lasergist now has the sand-blasted stainless steel option used by 3.3. I am hoping that this switch plate will better ward off fingerprints and dust.

All in all the desired improvements to the 3.2 build have been obtained, (see keyboards-f2/thumb-hack-3-2-in-partial- ... 15715.html). I'm happy with this build.


15 Aug 2018, 22:05

Someone asked for an example of my 'thumb-cording' for the Function Key layer:
Hand at rest -
Home (rest).jpg
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Alt.jpg (249.77 KiB) Viewed 1681 times
Alt+F-Layer.jpg (250.66 KiB) Viewed 1681 times
F-Layer (thumb)
F-Layer (thumb).jpg
F-Layer (thumb).jpg (238.8 KiB) Viewed 1681 times
Ctrl+F-Layer.jpg (240.77 KiB) Viewed 1681 times
F-Layer (palm)
F-Layer(palm).jpg (135.85 KiB) Viewed 1681 times
Shift+F-Layer (pinky)
Shift+F-Layer.jpg (142.68 KiB) Viewed 1681 times

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