Mailcall - Leopold FC660M (Cherry MX Greens)

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01 Mar 2018, 12:33

Hallo chaps,

Just got my hands on this little beauty. The layout is super, I've had the Topre version previously but got rid of it as I preferred my HHKB.

Being a SSK user at home and Topre hi-pro at work, I am finding the Greens nice and firm, with their mouse like clicks. Of course time will tell how I deal with the fatigue, but so far, I like it.
I've had Browns and Blues, and these are by far, the nicest to type on. The difference is nuanced but is certainly there.

Its a shame there aren't many KBs with Green switches, and I can only think its due to them being quite niche. Not many like the firmness.

Anyway, just some initial thoughts which no doubt will change in the coming weeks.

With best wishes,

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