Response For Kailh BOX Switches Crack and Stress Keycap Stems


31 Jul 2018, 08:39

Response For Kailh BOX Switches Crack and Stress Keycap Stems

1.Given that box switch stem cracks issue,we've set about checking first article inspection for three monthes immediately the keycap cracks happens,the specification shows our stem size is normal,because we offer the box switch for 1 year and not any problems when you guys uses it.

2.We're so sorry that GMK and Maxkey keycap mounts cases,we''ll optimize the stem tolerance to fit the general keycap.
box switch stem measure size.png
box switch stem measure size.png (240.18 KiB) Viewed 1696 times

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31 Jul 2018, 09:45

Thanks for providing ALL the dimensions BUT there is one glaring observation that I see.

WHY are ALL the switches with differing dimensions?

Have you sub contracted certain switches to many companies and those clowns, couldn't be bothered in following a single dimension accurately?

You were suppose to stick to ONE dimension not start making bigger sizes at your own discretion. You were suppose to COPY Cherry specifications for fitment of ALL key-caps but you failed gloriously :evil: .

WE want to know, are you going to fix this or release another series of switches with differing dimensions yet again?

You made a FOOL out of me because I supported you with these new BOX switches, they feel great but their basic failure to copy the Cherry Key-cap fitting, will not be forgotten especially by those who bought your products in the very beginning.

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