IBM Pingmaster custom key legends


21 Nov 2018, 20:22

I decided to make some legends for the re-legendable caps on this keyboard. I am a perfectionist so I made them matching as close to the originals as possibleImageImage

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22 Nov 2018, 18:08

Very nice. I know it's tough to match the tone exactly on these.


25 Nov 2018, 14:33

Cool project!

On a completely unrelated note, are you using StartisBack, by any chance? If so, what skin is it that you are using? Its interpretation of the Windows XP task bar looks very accurate.
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25 Nov 2018, 16:22

I imagine that the colour match depends very much on your printer, but would you mind sharing the document with your legends?


07 Feb 2019, 02:31

I would love to have the document too

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