What is the WORST keyboard which you guys ever used?


26 Nov 2018, 13:23

Mine is DELL KB-216 (My school has A LOT OF THIS MODEL OF KEYBOARD because they use DELL PC in most computer labs after they bought new computers). The key feeling is worse than lot of typical rubber dome keyboard and I cannot get used to it (It took me longer to writing some Visual Basic .NET codes than typical office keyboard like HP KB-0316 and Logitech K120 which very popular in my school and my country). and SOMETIMES, I even have to SWAPPED the freaking keyboard to different one with more traditional profile like HP KB-0316 (They have a lot of PC in different brands so I can swap from one to another one), also touch-typing on one of these is TOTALLY PAIN!

So, What's the WORST KEYBOARD which you guys ever used?

PS : I'm sorry for VERY HORRIFIC BAD ENGLISH!!! :P :oops: :P

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26 Nov 2018, 14:27

Easily this monstrosity:—


All it's got going for it is being small and my not giving a damn if I damage it. It also only cost slightly more than the cable and USB plug are worth.

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26 Nov 2018, 14:54

This is what I wrote not long ago, when a similar question was asked:

When I was in university, we had a "PC lab" for the students that had a bunch of Olivetti PCs that were both old and undercared for, and would have been replaced at least two times over in any healthy company or school — I called them the "living dead computers". The keyboards, in particular, were rubber domes that had ALL the issues of old RDs, and were hell to use. I remember there was a particular computer everyone avoided (and was therefore always the last seat to be filled) specifically because the N and M keys needed to be pressed so hard for them to register, that typing with any speed was impossible.

Nowadays? The cheap-ass-chiclet keyboard that my new work-issued laptop has is horrendous, both in its key feel and oligophrenic layout (and for which I have ranted as well). It's so bad that I absolutely refuse to use it.

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26 Nov 2018, 18:13

I'm not sure what's worse, the ZX Spectrum rubber chiclets or IBM PCjr. At least the ZX Spectrum had a system of shortcuts so you didn't want to immediately strangle the designers.

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26 Nov 2018, 18:18

The PCjr — at least with the ZX Spectrum (or the ZX81, for that matter) you just didn't know any better, while with the PCjr you couldn't avoid a direct comparison with the Model F AT keyboard and even the F XT.


26 Nov 2018, 18:19

g81 with lasered crap caps.

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27 Nov 2018, 05:58

Early G810 keyboards with their abomination known as Omron switches. They were indeed mushy and bland.

Later release had become far better with an actual Tactile click used. Avoid the first edition, really horrid for Logitech standards.

They fixed their design like someone who had realized they dumped in their own pants, while at a party then try to quietly steal away whilst no one was looking.

They changed their soiled pants with new threads, trying desperately to blend in with the crowd whilst keeping quiet about their previous mistake ;) .

Speaking from experience in this instance, which is reflected in real life by major Corporations.

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27 Nov 2018, 09:10


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27 Nov 2018, 10:22

One of your most entertaining reviews.

Sorry it's one of the BEST reviews on Planet Earth, describing the perfection of Misery when using these switches.

Especially the "Geezus Morris Dancing Christ" Amstrad Keyboard, absolute classic.

Love it :D .

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28 Nov 2018, 00:09

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28 Nov 2018, 18:11

Worst keyboard for me personally? Whatever was used by the Philips "grey and angular" series ASCII terminals around 1991/92. No idea what keys they used, and the terminals themselves seemed quite nice quality, but it was the ultimate in "twitch keyboards": so many typos, I still get flashbacks the trauma was so bad. I think they were certainly the most difficult things I've ever typed on though I admit I've never used the likes of a ZX81 or Atari 400 for extended periods.

Worst value? I guess that will be some Microsoft monstrosity from around 10 years ago. Priced around the same as a decent mechanical keyboard it was a nasty cheap rubber-dome thing and the coating over the actually transparent keys started to peel after a couple of months. And they justified the lack of such basic features as being able to tilt the keyboard on the somewhat contentious claim that being completely flat was "ergonomic". Well yay.

I dunno, I think at this point I'm suggesting things I don't like and things that are poor value, and also mentioning things that are just kind of rubbish by design. I guess my real "this is genuinely horrible" award would have to go to some of the mechanical Philips PC keyboards from about 1989-90 which just had a really lumpen keyfeel and that's whey they didn't bind when pressing them. They looked ugly, felt horrible and often felt even more horrible in the process of feeling horrible.

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