Genovation PLUM Ortholinear Keyboard | Need Information

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16 Dec 2018, 09:11

Hello everyone, I recently got my hands on one of these Genovation PLUM keyboards that I'm sure you're fairly familiar with. While taking it apart out of curiosity I found these unpopulated pads on the PCB Labled "J1-PRG" and "J5-RESET".
I shorted these two contacts to see what would happen. I presumed that J1 would make it enter a programming mode, similar to DFU mode on a QMK board. This didn't do anything it seems, didn't interrupt key presses either. J5 does exactly what you'd expect. It simply resets the keyboard for about a second.
Does anybody have any information on what this could be? Are they simply left over from other designs? I'd like to hear any information or suggestions people might have for me.
Thank you!
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