Matias Tactile Pro 1 Typing ASMR

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15 Jan 2019, 16:47

Here is my Daily Driver keyboard in Action. It a Matias Tactile Pro 1 from 2003 with ALP SKBM Gray switch but the Switch in Z button had been replaced by ALP SKCM BLUE!(I broke the old ALP simplified switch trying to open it up and clean it.). there is a Massive difference between ALP Simplified and ALP SKCM BLUE. I need to compare those two switches in the next video.

Note - This is an Early Matias which use ALP while a Tactile Pro 4 use their own switch(Good ALP Clone).

Overall, This keyboard made me disappointed with a Logitech G710 with a Cherry MX Blue and Razer Blackwidow With Kailh Blue(Razer Green). I cannot believe gamer have to use a crappy Cherry MX Switch for gaming and not ALP switch.

Sorry for the video quality. next one will be better.

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