looking for a ps/2 kb, space saving with a 3 buttons mouse


01 Feb 2019, 21:18

hi guys,
I am looking for a PS/2 small-keyboard with an integrated trackball or trackpoint and 3 buttons

Just to give an idea about I am looking for, the DIEBOLD 49-221669-000A REV2 keyboard looks good, but the "mouse" is a touchpad and it only has 2 buttons. I can accept the pad but I really need 3 buttons since I cannot do any software emulation for the third one. A small keyboard like this is perfect for the small space it takes since I am limited about the desk's surface where I can operate.

Cherry has something like it, but again ... only 2 buttons

Thanks in advance

I also need suggestions about *where* I can purchase such a keyboard, and a review about the product.

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