Alphameric 142-2762


08 Mar 2019, 19:38

I recently spotted an Alphameric keyboard on ebay coincidentally a day after Chyros' video was uploaded and decided to bid knowing what I would receive. There is no outer case like the few examples I've seen but it is possibly NOS as it is still in its plastic bag (not sure if original, but its a perfect fit and is high quality) although some keys have awful binding and one even gets stuck. I have no idea what system this thing is from and I don't really expect to use it because it feels quite bad...
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model no.jpg
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Unfortunately this is the only sticker - other examples I've seen all have multiple, usually with model number.
rear sticker.jpg
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The foam pads that sit over the LED's have holes cut in them.
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foil pads.jpg
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Pretty standard Alphameric f&f switch. The one pictured gets completely stuck so I had to remove it to sand down a tiny bit of plastic. It still binds but it returns now.
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Interesting legends. All keycaps are nice doubleshots (shinethrough caps are tripleshot). None of the keys are stabilized apart from the spacebar. Even hitting 1.5u caps slightly at an angle causes them to bind.
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I would really like to know what this thing came from as it appears there are not many Alphameric keyboards out there or much information about them!

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