My friend broke one of my Cherry ML Switches

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11 Mar 2019, 00:46

My Cherry G84 that I got from, Zedtheman have some issue, My friend tries to pull the keycap out to see the switches and the switches it self came apart and now I cannot put it back and then I lose the spring as well. I hoped I can find the spring somewhere in my house and fix it.

The ML Swiitches get some point taken off of my Kibodo Scores system for the flaw that the switches it self came a part easily when I tries to pull the keycap because Obviously I am not the only one that had the same trouble. in contrast of Alps SKCM, You need a Toothpick to open the switch and the Cherry MX need to desolder and open them with a tool.

Note: It is not my friend fault entirely for this.

I hope I can fix the switch before I can finish the review.


The Cherry ML is a massive improvement to an Apple butterfly keyboard and the scissor switches.

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11 Mar 2019, 02:13

You can grab some new loose ML switches from here: ... 5tdQ%3D%3D

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