Which box switch?


19 Mar 2019, 04:26

I'm kinda lost on which box switch I should get. I know I like MX blue & brown weighting, I find SKBM grey to be a bit on the heavier side but still pretty nice...so probably 55cN to 60cN. I was thinking either white, jade or pink box switches. Which do you think I should start with...well I should probably get a switch tester to begin with but I'd like to get a bit of a clue first.

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20 Mar 2019, 16:34

I'd recommend the White switches as they'd probably be the most familiar coming from MX blues


20 Mar 2019, 20:35

Box Whites are significantly lighter than MX Blue. Have a look at measurements of them:
Box White
MX Blue

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20 Mar 2019, 21:10

My bad then, didn't realize they were so light

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22 Mar 2019, 03:12

Try these: pale blue, jades, pink. Whites are too light.


22 Mar 2019, 03:16

Id recommend pinks


22 Mar 2019, 18:16

Noble yellows are also quite good - feel a little more tactile than pink (which I would also recommend) to me, and a little lighter.

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